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Journey through the Word of Yahweh

  Weekly Bible Fellowship Teachings

Journey through the Word of Yahweh

This is an advanced audio course that offers teachings from
Genesis to Revelation in 45 minute segments.

The lessons will be presented over time.


Weekly Bible Fellowship Teachings

Are You Going to Quit (Aaron) (9-1-2021)

Be Prepared to be Mocked (Aaron) (3-31-2021)

Being Tried by Fire (Aaron) (9-29-2021)

Buried Treasures (Aaron) (10-14-2021)

Christ inside Minded (Chuck) (2-24-2021)

Clean House (Chuck) (3-10-2021)

Commissioned by Yahweh (Aaron) (5-11-2021)

Confirmation Bias in Christianity(Chuck) (7-21-2021)

Deception of Saint (5-25-2021)

Disinformation by Omission (Chuck) (10-20-2021)

Exceeding Beauty being used by Yahweh (Aaron) (2-17-2021)

Fear Not! I Am Yahweh! (Aaron) (1-6-2021)

Fidelity Prophet Samuel (Chuck) (10-6-2021)

Fire of Yahweh (Aaron) (7-14-2021)

Gospel of John & Jerusalem (chuck) (9-22-2021)

Hell Reexamined (Chuck) (9-8-2021)

I have sinned against Yahweh (Aaron) (8-18-2021)

Jeroborms Two Gods (Aaron) (6-9-2021)

Keeping Your Armour On (Aaron) (10-27-2021)

Moses' Seven Ascents (Chuck) (3-24-2021)

My Son Adam Solomon Yehoshua (Aaron) (12-1-2021)

Power & Prophesy (Aaron) (5-27-2021)

Power & Prophesy (Aaron) (5-27-2021)

Proclaiming Another Jesus (Aaron) (9-16-2021)

Romans 1 & 2 (Aaron) (1-20-2021)

Seeking & Finding Treasures (Aaron) (11-10-21)

Seeking Yahweh (Chuck) (6-30-2021)

Sheep Controlling the Shepherds (Chuck) (11-17-2021

Spiritual Guidence Apostle Paul (Chuck) (5-20-2021)

Surrounded by Darkness (Chuck) (3-10-2021)

Spiritual Warfare (chuck) (2-10-2021)

Teachings of Demons & Mythologies (chuck) (6-2-2021)

The Power of One (Hezekiah) Chuck (8-25-2021)

Two Stories of David & Solomon (Chuck) 11 3 2021

What is a Christian (Chuck) (1-21-2021)

Word of Kinowledge (Powwer) (Aaron) (2-3-2021)

Yahweh Put Us to the Proof (Chuck) (6-16-2021)

Yahweh's Vengeance (Aaron) (3-17-2021)

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Books Required for the Course

Suggested Books


These are large files, so please be patient with download.

"Wisdom, however, we do speak, among the full-grown [teleios], wisdom,
indeed, not of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are to come to nought;
But we speak, Yahweh's, wisdom, in a sacred secret, that hidden wisdom,
which Yahweh marked out beforehand, before the ages, for our glory.


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