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"Wisdom, however, we do speak, among the full-grown [teleios], wisdom,
indeed, not of this age, nor of the rulers of this age, who are to come to nought;
But we speak, Yahweh's, wisdom, in a sacred secret, that hidden wisdom,
which Yahweh marked out beforehand, before the ages, for our glory.

Click here to watch our tribute video to Christ.

Click here to watch our tribute video to Christ.

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The Heavenly Father's
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How to Read the Old Testament
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Journey Through the Word of Yahweh

Aaron & Izzy's Trip to Kenya 2014.

Grand Opening of the New Glory of Christ School in Uganda'

'The Joshua Generation


How Beautiful the feet of them that bring Glad Tidings of Good Things!



How to Speak in Tongues and Prophesy


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