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English Bibles Seriously Defective

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"If the King James Bible is good enough for the Apostle Paul, then it is good enough for me!" Funny, but many people believe  this in some degree. English Bible translations have always been defective; some far worst than others, some even to the point of being blasphemous. Our discussion will place the errors of the English translations into one of three categories: Defective, Deceptive and Corrupt. Hebrew is Yahweh's language. All of his prophets were Hebrews, who thought in Hebrew. The Septuagint, the Greek translation of the Hebrew Old Covenant, written around 250 B. C., began the process of altering and in many cases, corrupting Yahweh's words; this continues unto this present day in all of our English translations. Are you aware that there are five Greek gods in the Greek translation of your Bible? Our seminaries do not study, 'Yahology,' the study of Yahweh, but rather, they study, 'Theology,' the study of Theos, the Greek word for gods! The Words of Yahweh, being in Hebrew, are True but, as will be illustrated, the changing of Hebrew words into Greek words, begins the diluting, if not the deceptive or corrupting process, being diluted even further and/or corrupted when translated into English. For example, the Hebrew word, 'Sheol,' (the place of dead humans) got translated into Greek as, 'Hades,' (the abode of the Greek god Hades), which then got translated into English as, 'Hell,' (the fiery everlasting torture chamber). (Read Appendix A) This example is an illustration of absolute corruption and not defectiveness. Who is behind this corruption? The parable of Matthew 13:27-28 explains, "And the servants of the householder, coming near, said to him,—Sir! was it not, good seed, thou didst sow in thy field? Whence then hath it, darnel? And he said unto them—An enemy, hath, done this." The Good News is that you do not have to learn Hebrew because we live in an age where Yahweh's Sacred Royal Hebrew Words are, 'Retrievable,' for English readers, especially by Rotherham's Emphasized Bible, in connection with three books: Strong's numbering system, Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT) and Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT). Bible software is also a must. I use The Online Bible (Official Web Site) and Blue Letter Bible. The purpose of this article is: to expose defective, deceptive and corrupt Bible translations; to illustrate examples of Hebrew words, whose meanings have been changed by the Greek and English language, retrieving the original Hebrew meanings, thereby recovering Yahweh's true communications to his children; also to equip others on how to retrieve Yahweh's truths though the study tools we have at our disposal. 

Why are our English Bibles defective, deceptive and corrupt? Bible publishers produce books that people will purchase. If the people desire an accurate translation, the publishers will produce one. History has shown us that the majority of people do not want truth but rather they desire confirmation that what they believe is truth. An example of which is the account of the woman caught in adultery, which was a creation of men, remains in the majority of English Bible translations, pleasing the people. Robert Young's Bible, produced in the 1880's. surpassed all other translations in accuracy but the people did not want Jehovah and other accuracies in their Bibles. Joseph Rotherham produced an even more accurate translation, late 1880's, but the majority of people did not purchase it. Even today, the above two Bibles are not desired, meaning publishers will not publish them because people will not purchase them. Today, the most popular Bibles are the NIV, NLT and the NKJV. The NASB, which is the fourth most accurate translation, is not even on the list of the top 25 Bibles being purchased. Most pastors, who are supposed to be shepherds, seek to please their members, submitting to their preferences, following the traditions of men rather than truths of Yahweh. The six most accurate English Bible translations, beginning with the most accurate is: 1.) Rotherham's Emphasized Bible 2.) Robert Young's Bible 3.) ASV Bible (1901) & New World Bible 4.) NASB Bible 5.) ESV Bible. 

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