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The King James Bible of 1611 was written, “that it may be understood even of the very vulgar.”  The common people, as is true today, speak many words incorrectly, meaning the original word’s meaning has been corrupted or lost all together. For example, the word, awesome today is defined as “extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration” but this definition has nothing to do with the word, awesome; awe meaning terror, dread. Communication is loss when words lose their meaning. The Bible translators of 1611 used the vulgar vocabulary, then in use, when translating their King James Bible of 1611.

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The Many Misleading Flaws In the Vocabulary of English Bible Translations

The King James Bible of 1611 was written, “that it may be understood even of the very vulgar.”  The common people, as is true today, speak many words incorrectly, meaning the original word’s meaning has been corrupted or lost all together. For example, the word, awesome today is defined as “extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring great admiration” but this definition has nothing to do with the word, awesome; awe meaning terror, dread. Communication is loss when words lose their meaning. The Bible translators of 1611 used the vulgar vocabulary, then in use, when translating their King James Bible of 1611.

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A Covenant of Marriage to Christ

Our present teachings on How to Become a Christian or “What Must I do to be Saved,” are very vague, incomplete, if not outright wrong. Do people enter into a Covenant of Marriage more seriously than becoming a Christian? I believe the majority do. The majority of people today do not understand the meaning of a covenant with Yahweh. Marriage used to be a covenant that the majority of people kept, but today, fifty percent of Christian marriages, in the USA, end in divorce, meaning the vowing of promises, by at least one party, are not taken seriously. Yahweh is a Covenant God! Christianity is, in a figure, a Marriage Covenant to Christ as one’s Lord, that is to say, Master, that is to say, Owner, not to be broken in one’s lifetime, as the marriage covenant was originally designed. A person entering into this covenant demands, from that person, total fidelity; priority over your father, mother, brother, sister, wife, husband and your citizenship. Yehoshua proclaimed, in Matthew 10:37, “He that loveth father or mother above me, is not, worthy, of me, — and, he that loveth son or daughter above me, is not, worthy, of me.”

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Elohim (God) is Plural in Genesis 1:1?
“In the beginning, Gods created the heavens and the earth?”

“In the beginning God [Elohim, plural] created [bara, singular] the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). “Heb.: elohim, It should be carefully observed that is plural in form, yet when, as here, it it construed with a verb in the singular, it is naturally singular in sense; especially since the “plural of quality” or “excellence” abounds in Hebrew in cases where the reference is undeniably to something which must be understood in the singular number.” (Joseph Rotherham’s Emphasized Bible, footnote b.)

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Fulfilling our Calling
(Pursuing Your Desires)

Yahweh called [klesis] us before the world was formed that we might be holy and blameless in His presence. “…We are––his workmanship, created in Christ Yahoshua upon a footing of good works, which Yahweh prepared beforehand, that, therein, we might walk” (Eph. 1:4, 2:10). Yahweh offers an invitation to each and every child of His. This invitation is to take a course He has plotted for our lives through Christ, our Lord, Savior and Head. We have been called to fulfill Yahweh’s will, individual tasks specifically designed for us to complete before we go to sleep. The direction for our individual courses was not given to our parents, neither were they written on paper and given to our pastors but rather our courses have been placed upon the tables of our own hearts by way of ruah (spirit). Our course is unveiled through the godly desires stirring within our hearts, leading us onward and upward, if we but heed its call. This article is for the individuals, like David, who daily sought to please Yahweh. The instruction Nathan the prophet gave David was, “All that is in thy heart, go––do,––for Yahweh is with thee” (2 Sa. 7:3).

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Christ is not 'The Creator'!*
(Equipping the Saints to Defend Truths)

"Thus, saith El himself—YAHWEH,—Creator of the heavens, that stretched them forth, Out-spreader of earth, and the products thereof,—Giver of breath to the people thereon, And of ruah (spirit) to them who walk therein" (Is. 42:5). YAHWEH is 'The Creator' of all things! Christ Yahoshua is Yahweh's  only-begotten Son, whom Yahweh, his Father made LORD over all of his Creation, which Yahweh Created. The evidence, from the scriptures, concerning this truth is overwhelming, as you will see. We must ask ourselves, 'How could this simple truth, beginning in Genesis chapter one and ending in Revelation not be the foundation of the Christian Church'?

(Read Full Article) (View the full article in PDF format) ** Article added 3/30/2022 **

Personification of Spirit

Is there a being or entity called, ‘Spirit,’ or ‘Holy Spirit?’ Is Yahweh aware of this being or is he this being, or have we made a personification (figure of speech) of, ‘ruah,’ into a literal being by  changing a common noun into a proper noun? Isaiah 45:5 clearly states, “I, am Yahweh, and there is none else, Besides me, there is no, God…” This declaration is very simple and emphatic. If a statement appears to contradict this foundational statement, then it must be a figure of speech. For example, Revelation 12:15-16 states, “And the serpent cast out of his mouth, after the woman, water as a river, that he might cause her to be carried away by the stream.

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The Trinity is not Believed by Anyone Who has read the Word of Yahweh!

Do people, who have read Yahweh’s Word, including pastors, confess the Trinity? Absolutely! But do they believe it?  No! Trinitarians are similar to atheists and agnostics, who say they question or reject a Creator but they do not believe what they openly confess. Both groups confess one thing but do not believe what they confess. Atheists and agnostics know there is a Creator (Rm. 1:19-32) and people who read Yahweh’s Word, know that there is One God and one Mediator between God and man, a man, Christ Yehoshua, Yahweh’s Only-begotten Son (1 Tim. 2:5, 1 Cor. 8:6, Ex. 20, Deu. 6:4-9). Then why do Bible reading Christians accept the Trinity, when they know it is false? What moves them to lie to the public, in front of Yahweh and Christ, while inwardly, they justify their actions?

(Read Full Article) (View the full article in PDF format) ** Article added 5/31/2021 **

Mountain of God (Sinai), Moses' Seven Ascents

Now, Moses came in unto the Mountain of God, to Horeb, so God called unto him, Moses! Moses! Do not draw nigh hither,—put off thy sandals from thy feet, for, the place whereon thou art standing, is, Holy Ground. (Ex. 3:1-5)
"My servant Moses,—In all my house, trusty, is he: Mouth to Mouth, do I speak with him, And plainly—not in dark sayings, And, the form of Yahweh, doth he discern" (Num. 12:7-8)

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The first occurrence of Sheol is in Genesis 37:35, when Jacob, learning of Joseph's death, states, "And all his sons and all his daughters rose up to console him, but he refused to be consoled, and said—Surely I will go down unto my son [Joseph], mourning, to Sheol! And his father [Jacob] wept for him."  Sheol (Strong's #07585) occurs sixty-five times in the Hebrew Old Covenant and eleven times in the Greek New Covenant, translated as Hades (Strong's #86).

(Read Full Article) (View the full article in PDF format) ** Article added 3/31/2021 **

English Bibles Are Seriously Defective!

"If the King James Bible is good enough for the Apostle Paul, then it is good enough for me!" Funny, but many people believe  this in some degree. English Bible translations have always been defective; some far worst than others, some even to the point of being blasphemous. Our discussion will place the errors of the English translations into one of three categories: Defective, Deceptive and Corrupt. Hebrew is Yahweh's language. All of his prophets were Hebrews, who thought in Hebrew. ...

(Read Full Article) (View the full article in PDF format) ** Article added 3/31/2021 **

Chronological Events of Moses' Life

1.) Moses birth plus 3 months (Ex. 2:1-7)
(Aaron 3 years (Ex. 7:7) older, while Miriam must be 5-10 years older than Moses (Ex. 2:1-7))
2.) Moses 40 years old leaves Egypt (Acts 7:23)
3.) Moses 80 years old goes back to Egypt (Ex. 7:7)
(Aaron 83 years old)
1st Year
4.) Calendar begins: 1st month 14th day; Passover Abid (Nisan) 14th (Ex. 12:2, (Num. 33:3)

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Yahweh named his Only-Begotten Son - YEHOSHUA

A name is a proper noun, which is to be transliterated and not translated. The United States of America is a proper noun and is not translated into Russian but is transliterated. The Hebrew language is the foundation of Yahweh's Word. The name, David (daw-veed, Strong's #1732) is David in Greek, English, Italian etc. etc. The problem is that the Greek and then English translators started translating proper names instead of transliterating them. For example....

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Understanding Yahweh's Sabbaths (Today, Do any of them Apply to us?)

Yahweh introduced us to his seventh day in Genesis 2:3, by stating, "And Elohim blessed the Seventh day, and hallowed [qadash] it,—because, therein, rested [shabath] he from all his work which Elohim, by creating, had made." Yahweh has presented to us many days of shabath (rest), as will be unfolded in this article. Colossians 2:16-17 declares to the Body of the Christ, "Let no one, therefore, be judging, you,—in eating and in drinking, or in respect of feast, or new moon, or sabbath,—Which are a shadow of the things to come, whereas, the body, is of the Christ," but Exodus 35:2 declares, "Six days, shall work be done, but, on the seventh day, shall there be to you a holy sabbath-keeping, unto Yahweh,—whosoever doeth work therein, shall be put to death." The fourth Commandment commanded the Israelites to,

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Can a Christian Lose their Salvation? or(Can a Christian Reject Living Under Christ's Reign on His New Earth?)

A common question is, 'Can a Christian Lose their Salvation?' I believe the question should be, 'Can a Christian reject living on the New Earth, where Christ is ruling as King? Could a person be forced to live on Yahweh's New Earth where he would refuse to bow to Christ? Could a person, who, at one time, chose to make Yahoshua their Master (Lord), agreeing to love Yahweh and his neighbor as himself, who entered into a covenant relationship with Yahweh and Christ, becoming a son of Yahweh but now has changed his mind, defying Yahweh and Christ, rejecting Christ's Lordship, choosing rather to die an age-abiding death? Let us reexamine the scriptures and the freedom of will mankind has been given. We must first, temporarily, set aside what we have been taught outside of Yahweh's Word and lay our foundation upon only the Word of Yahweh and not upon the doctrines of men.

(Read Full Article) (View in PDF format) ** Article added 9/16/2020 **

Would the prophet Jeremiah be Allowed to Speak in your Church?

Jeremiah, chapter twenty-six, paints a picture of churches now and in the past, where  religious institutions, have bowed to Yahweh in word but not in heart. The history of the slanderer (the god of this age who appears as an angel of light and his agents as ministers of righteousness ) and his agents display that they are ruling in the top religious echelons; those being the office of priests, prophets, pastors, etc.. All of today's pastors and priests, I believe, would answer the above question, 'Absolutely! Jeremiah is welcomed to speak in our churches, as long as it does not conflict with our teachings.'

(Read Full Article) (View in PDF format) ** Article added 3/1/2020 **

My God, My God, Why have you Forsaken Me?

There are difficult verses in Yahweh's Word, but this is not one of them. Yahweh did not forsake his Only-begotten Son; in whom Yahweh was well pleased; who completely did his Father's will! Yahoshua did not forsake his Father and his Father did not forsake him. Christ, upon the cross, was not asking his Father for deliverance! What then is the explanation for the above statement? Yahoshua was quoting, to the Hebrews only, Psalm 22. Men have attempted to explain these words by stating that Yahweh did forsake his son, who was dying upon the cross, according to his Father's will because Yahweh could not stand sin, etc. etc. thereby making Yahweh an unreliable Father that will abandon his righteous children in their time of need, which he promises not to do. In addition to the above title, I will address my opinion on why Christ was tortured before his death and to his death. (Read Full Article) (View in PDF format) ** Article added 1/13/2020 **

The Real meaning of the, 'Kingdom,' of God as used in Yahweh's Word

Contemporary dictionaries define, kingdom, as, a country, state, or territory ruled by a king or queen, which is the vulgar usage instead of the true meaning, which is a "Kingly function, authority, or power; sovereignty, supreme rule; the position or rank of a king (OED)." Kingdom is an English word, used by some Bible translators, to translate the Hebrew word, mamlakâ, and the Greek word, basileia. Our understanding has been misled, when we hear the word, kingdom, because the majority of us have had the vulgar definition implanted in our minds. When we read or hear, in the Lord's prayer, the phrase, "thy kingdom come" or "seek you first the kingdom of God," as recorded in Matthew 6:9-10, 33, we are thinking territory. Young's translation corrects this misunderstanding by using the word, 'reign,' instead of kingdom. (Read Full Article) (View in PDF format) ** Article added 8/6/2019 **

Yahweh's Justice 'The Oppressed Shall be Vindicated!'

"Yahweh is one, who Executeth Righteousness, Yea Vindication [mispat] for all the Oppressed" (Ps. 103:6). This article is written to give comfort to those who have endured without vindication, malicious injustice from nonchristians and Christians; the comfort being, 'Your oppressors will be judged by Yahweh and they will pay for the injustice done to you.' This hope can give you comfort, when it appears that they will not have to pay for their injustices; "for it is written—Mine, is avenging, I, will recompense; saith Yahweh (Rm. 12:19)! (Read Full Article) (View in PDF format) ** Article added 2/8/2019 **

Royal Gems in Yahweh's Temple

Yahweh has magnified his Word, which is composed of individual words, above his name. His words were in the Ark of the Covenant, thereby making it Holy. His words are Hebrew words, which, in many cases, have no Greek or English equivalent. These words, when studied, are the Royal Gems hidden from most of the world. They are for those who will do the work, unveiling beautiful Hebrew words from the mouth of our Creator and Father, who is Adonai Yahweh Elohim of Host. (Read Full Article) (View in PDF format) ** Article added 12/23/2018 **

Over 1,000 New Testament Commands(Jn. 15:17 (entellomai)),
Requests ( Phil. 4:3, 1 Thes. 5:12 (erotao)) &
Exhortations (Rm. 12:1, 1 Thes. 5:14 (parakaleo))

There are over 1,000 commands, requests and exhortations in the New Testament for Christians to obey. Due to repetitions, we can classify them under about 800 headings. They cover every phase of man’s life in his relationship to Yahweh, Yahoshua and his fellowman; if obeyed, they will bring mankind age-abiding rewards; if rebelled against, mankind shall be cut off; “For, evil doers,shall be cut off, but, as for them who wait for Yahweh, they, shall inherit the earth.” (Ps. 37:9) (View the full article in PDF format) ** Article added 11/25/2018 **


There is no article of the Christian Faith that has been more affected and injured by tradition than the hope of Resurrection. Notwithstanding the fact that there is no truth more important or more fundamental to the Gospel, there is none more neglected. It is difficult to find a hymn in any book which we can sing concerning this blessed hope. We can find hymns about Christ’s resurrection, plenty about “ Easter,” but how few concern­ing the blessed fact that His people, who died with Him, have risen also in Him: how few about “the resurrection of the body,” in which all profess to believe!

In nothing do we see the truth of Isa. LV:8 more exemplified:
“My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the Lord" (Read Full Article) (View in PDF format) ** Article added 8/22/2018 **


By universal consent the authors of the Sacred Scriptures included men who, over and above qualifications of a more sacred nature, possessed literary power of the highest order. But between their time and ours the Bible has passed through what may be called an Age of Commentary, extending over fifteen centuries and more. During this long period form, which should be the handmaid of matter, was more and more overlooked; reverent, keen, minute analysis and exegesis, with interminable verbal discussion, gradually swallowed up the sense of literary beauty. When the Bible emerged from this Age of Commentary, its artistic form was lost; rabbinical commentators had divided it into chapters,' and medieval translators into verses,' which not only did not agree with, but often ran counter to, the original structure. Read Chapter 1 Read Complete PDF ** Article added 6/6/2018 **

Christian Evil Doers Shall be Punished

Contrary to popular Church (man-made) teachings, Yahweh delights in Justice and Righteousness and will afflict evil-doers (Jer. 9:24). Psalm 62:12 is a foundational theme throughout the Word of Yahweh, which proclaims, "…For, thou, wilt pay back unto every man—according to his deed." All Christians are aware that unbelievers will be punished for their evil deeds but very little thought has been given to the truth that Church going Christians, who practice evil deeds, which may be legal, will be punished by Yahweh, who is the Judge. The recipients of these evil-doers must receive justice (retribution, vindication (shepet)), an example of which, was Paul, who stated in 2 Timothy 4:14, "Alexander the coppersmith, of much baseness towards me, hath given proof,—the Lord will render unto him according to his works." This article is to reassure those who have or are suffering evils from their Christian brothers and sisters that Yahweh has promised them that they will be avenged, "…for it is written—Mine, is avenging, I, will recompense; saith Yahweh" (Rm. 12:19, Heb. 10:30). If you are one of the Christian evil-doers, then this article is a warning to you to repent and restore the innocence person or face the Anger of Yahweh. Read Complete Article ** Article added 6/6/2018 **

The Silence of Pastors On Abortion & Sodomy is similar to Their Silence, in the 1800's, On Slavery ?

Abortion, in the USA, was legalized in 1973, by the Supreme Court members who were Democrats, and not by Congress (the people). Sodomy was legalized in the USA in 2003 by the same means. Homosexual marriage was legalized in the USA in 2015 by the same means. The Democratic Party has included in it's platform all three sins. (Appendix A) 50% of Roman Catholics and Protestants are members of the Democratic Party, excluding Mormons, who are 70% Republicans. These so-called Christians who are Democrats, who condone and vote for the above sins, are members in good standing in their Churches. What kind of Pastors allow this wickedness to reside in their Churches..." Read Complete Article ** Article added 4/25/2018 **

What Hebrew Word are You Referring To?

When ever we enter into a discussion on what Yahweh has written, we must begin with the above statement. Yahweh's Word was not written by English prophets, neither was it written by Greek prophets but rather it was written by Hebrew prophets. Many doctrines of the Christian Church can not be validated by any Hebrew words. For example, when someone is discussing Purgatory or Hell, we must ask the question, "What Hebrew word are you referring to?" Asking this question will end the discussion because there is no Hebrew word for Purgatory or Hell, these are man-made doctrines. Another question that can be asked, "What gender is the Hebrew word and what state is it in?" Read Complete Article ** Article added 12/13/17 **

Tishri Yahweh's Month

The month of Tishri, being the Hebrews New Year, has three holy celebrations; Tishri 1 (Day of Shouting); Tishri the 10th being the Day of Propititation and Tishri the 15th, being the Festival of Booths. Tishri one is the day Yahweh created Light in Genesis 1:3; the New  Year of Earth, the beginning of our clock. Read Complete Article (PDF Version) ** Article added 9/20/17 **

Reconciling the Righteousness in Romans to the Righteousness throughout the Word - (Righteousness as Conduct & Righteousness as a Gift)

This article will discuss the gift of the righteousness of Yahweh through faith in Christ (Rm. 3:22), as presented in Romans and Galatians along with the good works of righteousness.  The righteous conduct of individuals coupled with them receiving Yahoshua as their Lord will result in them receiving praises and rewards in this corruptible life and praises, rewards and life age-abiding in the coming incorruptible life. Also, this article will address questions that are not fully answered in Yahweh's Word, such as what happens to the righteous people who had no access to the Word of Yahweh; to those who presently do not have access to the Word of Yahweh; to those who had access to the Word of Yahweh but who died before Christ's death and to those children who died before their age of accountability.  
Read Complete Article (PDF Version) ** Article added 9/1/17 **

Democrats, who call themselves, Christians

A Democrat is not a follower of Christ, even though they attend Roman Catholic and Protestant Churches. They are the enemies of Christ because they break, at least, 5 of Yahweh's 10 commandments. Many of our family members and friends are professed Democrats, yet they are accepted in our families! Would we accept George Tiller (a famous abortionist) as one of our family members? Yet Democrats vote for the same wickedness that George Tiller performed everyday. These family members and or friends, who we eat with and attend Church with, vote for people who will legalize murder, legalize sodomy and legalize stealing. Yahweh commands us, "Remove ye the wicked man from among, yourselves!"
Read Complete Article (PDF Version) ** Article added 3/30/17 **

In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

Every Roman Catholic, making the sign of the cross, states, "In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit," when they begin a prayer. Christians are baptized using this same phrase. We must ask ourselves, "Did Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, the Prophets, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul etc. etc. ever pray with, baptize in or ever use this phrase, as recorded in the Word of Yahweh? Did Jesus ever pray in this manner?  The answer is, No! Then what premise is this aspect of the Christian Faith based on? One verse, which is Matthew 28:19, "Go ye, therefore, and disciple all the nations, Immersing them into the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." The interesting truth is that no one, in the Word of Yahweh, was ever immersed in this manner, or prayed in this manner, which makes the above verse problematic.
Read Complete Article (PDF Version) ** Article added 2/6/17 **

Hesed - Yahweh's Covenantal Relationship Towards His Servants

"So then, thou must know that, Yahweh thy Elohim, he, is Elohim,—the faithful El, keeping his covenant and his hesed with them that love him, and keep his commandments, to a thousand generations" (Deu. 7:9). Hesed is a foundational Hebrew word that has no Greek or English equivalent. People have translated it mercy, kindness, lovingkindness, goodness, love and on and on we go but these words do not define hesed. The American rabbi, Nelson Glueck, professor at Hebrew Union College, wrote his doctoral dissertation, in July 1927, on hesed.  This article is based upon his book, 'Hesed in the Bible,' which I encourage everyone to read. (I do not recommend the preface, 'Recent Studies in Hesed,' by Gerald A. Larue, which is full of the doctrines of men.)
Read Complete Article (PDF Version) ** Article added 10/5/16 **

Why hasn't God healed my Child?

Yahweh has been slandered, by his children, by such statements as stated above. Yahweh's Word is very clear on why some people do not need healing; while others need healing; why some receive healing and why others do not. It is the doctrines of men and their unbelief that confuse this subject, blackening the pristine brightness of Adonay Yahweh, our Creator. This article will take a step-by-step approach to answering the above question, so others can deliver people from a lie to the truth, even though they or a loved one may suffer and die a premature death. This article will only address practicing Christians, that-is-to-say, those who keep Yahweh's commandments.
Read Complete Article (PDF Version) ** Article added 9/10/16 **.

Yahweh's Mind on Feeding Vagrants, a.k.a. "The Homeless"

The difference between a poor person and a vagrant is the vagrant will turn down work. T. S. Eliot once stated, "Most of the evil in this world is done by people with good intentions." His statement is extreme but it harbors the truth that many times we do more harm to an individual by becoming his enabler rather than offering him deliverance. Yahweh's Word is life to all those who hear and do it! If Yahweh forbids us from feeding vagrants, then we are in rebellion if we disobey his command. Rather than receiving a reward for our, "Acts of (so-called) Charity," our deeds, at the judgment, seat will be consumed by fire, thereby we will suffer loss. We can feel good giving a vagrant a handout, performing our good deed for the day, but Yahweh rebukes such actions if the person refuses to work. This article does not address people who are poor but rather it addresses the people who the World now call, "The Homeless".
Read Complete Article (PDF Version) ** Article added 8/15/16 **.

O Thoughtless Ones! Who hath BEWITCHED You

The word, 'Bewitched,' used in Galatians 3:1 is the Greek word, 'baskaino' "which indicates amongst other things a harmful magic exercised independently of the subjective will and with no particular technique. The dangerous feature is that people have willingly yielded to these magicians and their influence without realizing to what powers of falsehood they were surrendering. The characteristic point of the baskaino is that it exerts its influence without extraordinary means." Does this description sound familiar? The bewitching of the children of Adam and Eve began unendingly to this very day.
Read Complete Article ** Article added 3/26/16 **.

"Sola Scriptura" or is it, "It is Written!"

"It is Written!" is the believer's foundation. What is written are words coming from the very mouth (peh) of the Creator, Adonai Yahweh. Associated with but not equal to, "It is Written," is the phrase, 'Sola Scriptura,' which is Latin for, 'Scripture Only or Scripture Alone.' Martin Luther stated, "those things which have been delivered to us by God in the Sacred Scriptures must be sharply distinguished from those that have been invented by men in the Church, it matters not how eminent they be for saintliness and scholarship." Today's Protestant Church would verbally agree with his statement but their stated beliefs contradict the premise of Sola Scriptura, let alone, "It is Written." Historically, Yahweh wrote his Word and then gave his words, to the prophets, beginning with Moses, to be written for the instruction of his people. His words were always to be the absolute standard for mankind to live by but the words of men and the words of the adversary have been and are being commingled with or stand in opposition to Yahweh's words.
Read Complete Article ** Article added 11/11/15 **

Can You Pray to Jesus

The majority of Christians, including pastors, are ignorant concerning the meaning of the Hebrew and Greek words that have been translated,  'Prayer.'  The words supplication and intercession are rarely, if at all, used in their vocabulary. To them, asking is the same as a prayer but as we all know, asking for help from a friend is not praying to them. Most people say, 'prayer,' when they mean, 'supplication;' supplication meaning, "a seeking, asking, entreating, entreaty to God or to man." The question should be restated to say, 'Can you pray to anyone besides YAHWEH?'.
Read Complete Article ** Article added 8/1/15 **

The Sacred Name (Nomina Sacra)

The First Commandment given from the mouth of Yahweh, from Mount Sinai was, "I, am YAHWEH thy Elohim,—who have brought thee forth out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of servants:— Thou shalt not have other gods, besides me. Thou shalt not make to thee an image, or any form..." (Ex. 20:2-4). YAHWEH, was the one and only sacred name for the Hebrews. The Gentile (polytheists) Christian Church added many sacred names to the scriptures, according to their Greek manuscripts. The early Greek-Christian manuscripts leave a well documented trail explaining the formation of this idolatry, in contrast to the early Jewish-Christian manuscripts, which maintain only one sacred name, which is YAHWEH.
Read Complete Article ** Article added 4/18/15 **

The Woman Caught in Adultery

The beloved story of an Adulteress (John 7:53 to 8:11) being forgiven resounds in the hearts of the public. The phrase, "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her," becomes a new penetrating doctrine; an unconditional doctrine of love. Overtime we discovered that this section of scripture does not appear in the second and third century manuscripts (which is footnoted in Bibles) meaning it was added to the text; it is not from the mouth of Yahweh. (See Appendix A) We might then say, we agree with ones who have said, "The story itself has justly seemed to vouch for its own internal truth, and the words in which it is clothed to harmonize with other Gospel narratives." Could this well beloved account actually be a darnel sowed among the wheat?
Read Complete Article ** Article added 12/14/14 **

St. Athanasius & St. Basil The Great Deceivers

Basil of Caesarea is accurately called, St. Basil the 'Great,' which is a misnomer. Basil of Caesarea (330-375 AD) and Athanasius of Alexandra ( St. Athanasius the 'Great,' (298-373 AD)) were, by judging their fruit,  "...false apostles, deceitful workers, transfiguring themselves into apostles of Christ" (2 Cor. 11:13). Athanasius is known for his work in forming the second god, 'God the Son,' while Basil is known for his work in forming the third god, 'God the Holy Spirit.' Second Corinthians chapter eleven was written with the purpose of warning us of such individuals as these; ministers of the adversary, working from within the Church rather than from without.
Read Complete Article ** Article added 11/3/14 **

Christ's Birthday (September 11, 3 BC)

This date was determined by the research of The Way International. They documented their research in the book, 'Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed,' by Victor Paul Wierwille, which can be purchased by used bookstores, such as Their actual calculation is that he was born between 6:18 - 7:39 pm, Palestine time, on Wednesday, September 11, 3 BC. E W Bullinger, who wrote seventy years earlier, believed Christ was born on September 29, 4 BC. In my opinion, the researchers who produced, 'Jesus Christ Our Promised Seed,' had more accurate historical and astronomical information than E W Bullinger had at his disposal, making it more reliable.
Read Complete Article
** Article added 10/7/14 **

Elijah's Retirement on Earth (Not in Heaven)

We all have been taught that Elijah was taken up into the heavenlies, never to return to earth; never to die, as do all other men (except those who will be alive at Christ's Parousia). The scriptures do not teach this, even though he was taken up into the heavens. Elijah was probably transported away from the Israelites into retirement. Approximately seven to thirteen years after his departure, from Elisha, he comes out of retirement, after Jehoshaphat's death, to write a letter to Jehoshaphat's son, Jehoram.
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** Article added 8/12/14 **

Life or Death not Heaven or Hell
If I type the words life and death into a Bible software search engine, many verses come up but if I type in heaven and hell, nothing comes up (except in the KJV & NKJV). This fact should speak volumes to our understanding. Yahweh, through his Word, speaks of life or death, be saved or perish or be saved or be destroyed. From my experience, most of the Bible teachers I hear, speak of heaven or hell rather than life or death. Read Complete Article ** Article added 7/12/14 **

'The Woman at the Well' Setting the Record Straight
Diabolos (devil) means prone to slander, slanderous, accusing falsely. This term fits those individuals who make false accusations concerning other individuals, who are in the Word of Yahweh, when the texts make no such statements. 'The Woman at the Well,' (John 4) which more accurately should be called, 'The Woman at the Fountain,' is one of those individuals who has been slandered for centuries by many famous religious leaders. This unholy behavior must stop. This beautiful record has been marred and distorted by men who disregard what is written by interjecting their own opinion or by men who are parroting what others have said, never searching the scriptures to see if this is true. Let us re-examine what is written rather that what less than pure minds have taught. Read Complete Article ** Article added 6/29/14 **

A creed is a confession, a symbol, or a statement of faith of the shared beliefs of a religious community. Christians have the ancient creeds, such as the Roman Creed, the Apostle's Creed, the Nicene Creed and the Constantinople Creed. Today, every Christian denomination chooses their own creed but which one, if any, are right? This led me to ask the question, "Is there one book, in the Word of Yahweh (Bible), that tells Yahweh's whole Story; one book where we could get the entire Christian Creed? The book of Genesis tells us of Yahweh, the creation, mankind, the serpent, the seed of the women but it does not inform us of the end. The book of Revelation tells us the end but not the beginning. Likewise, we can go through each book, examining it's contents to see if it unveils the whole story of Yahweh. Read Complete Article ** Article added 2/1/14 **

Erasing the 'Begotten' Son & the Father
I am from a KJV generation that memorized John 3:16 as, "For God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son... To my astonishment, the newer Bible translations, such as the NIV (number 1 selling Bible) and NLT (number 3 selling Bible), have erased the Hebrew and Greek words translated, 'begotten,' and 'only-begotten,' from their translations, this includes their Old and New Testament. This theft led me on my search of the crime scene, and lo and behold, I discovered another related theft, which occurred to the Nicene and Constantinople Creed, the very hallmarks of many Church beliefs. Read Complete Article ** Article added 2/1/14 **

The New Living Translation is Dangerous!
The NLT Bible, of 1996, is ungodly and dangerous to the youths and immature Christians who have purchased it. I would not address this issue except that this, so called translation, is the number four selling Bible from 2011 to 2013. The NIV Bible, which is the number one seller from 2011 to 2013, has been addressed in our article, 'The NIV Bible is a Paraphrase.' The NIV, so called translation, is a saint when compared to the NLT. The prophet Ezekiel was made a watchman by Yahweh in order that he could warn Yahweh's people (Ez. 3:17). As a watchman on the wall, I have seen the invaders, who have penetrated the camp, so I must blow the horn to all who will hear the warning. The NLT, as I will demonstrate, is a corrupting influence on the babes in Christ.
Read Complete Article
** Article added 8/22/13 **

Precious Jewels in the Hebrew Language
The Hebrew language does not have tenses, such as past, present and future, as does the English language, but rather Hebrew verbs are in a state, called Perfect or Imperfect. English Bible translations, Young's being the exception, changes these verbs from being perfect or imperfect to our usage of past, present and future. For example, when David was speaking to Goliath, the Hebrew text reads (Young's Bible), "This day doth Jehovah shut thee up into my hand — and I have smitten thee, and turned aside thy head from off thee, and given the carcase of the camp of the Philistines this day to the fowl of the heavens..." but English Bible translations, such as the NIV, change these verbs to, "This day the LORD will hand you over to me, and I will strike you down and [will] cut off your head. Today I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds of the air..." (1 Sam. 17:46). The usage of the Hebrew perfect or imperfect, which are underlined, can only be seen in Young's Bible. Read Complete Article ** Article added 8/15/13 **

'World Vision Inc.' Mute on Proclaiming Christ
In 2010, World Vision Inc. received $1,020,904,962 in contributions and grants (See Appendix A). This non-profit corporation (501 (c) 3) pursues donations from Christians by sponsoring Christian events, such as music festivals, women's events, etc.. World Vision counts 12,000 partner churches in the U.S. and receives the support from 3.1 million donors and partners in the U.S. It classifies itself as a Church but it's MISSION STATEMENT does not include proclaiming Christ. How can this be? A Church that does not speak of Christ? A Church that doesn't speak of God? What kind of Church is World Vision? Read Complete Article ** Article added 7/12/13 **

A Short Argument, concerning the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ
Thomas Emlyn (1663-1741).
Emlyn was born atStamford, Lincolnshire and served as chaplain to the presbyterian Letitia, countess of Donegal, and then to Sir Robert Rich, , afterwards (1691) becoming colleague to Joseph Boyse, presbyterian minister in Dublin. From this office he was virtually dismissed on his own confession of unitariansim, and for publishing An Humble Inquiry into the Scripture Account of Jesus Christ (1702) was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for blasphemy and a fme of £1 000. More than two years later (thanks to the intervention of Boyse), he was released in 1705 on payment of £90.  Read Complete Article in PDF Format ** Article added 6/24/13 **

Faith Unleashes Power
Power is defined as the ability to do or effect something or anything, or to act upon a person or thing. This article is for people who have already received the indwelling power, the power that is not of this world, which is the ruah (spirit) of Yahweh; ruah and power go hand-in-hand. The phrase, spirit (ruah) and power is a figure of speech called, Two for One (Hendiadys); two words used, but one thing meant. The two words are of the same parts of speech; two nouns or two verbs joined together by the conjunction, 'and.' You can accurately rephrase, 'spirit and power,' to, 'ruah, that is to say, power,' is upon me.   Read Complete Article ** Article added 5/1/13 **

The Poet of Poets, Our Creator (The Exquisite Poetry of Yahweh)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (1772-1834), an English poetic, defined poetry as, 'the best words in the best order.' He who could accomplish such a task would be the greatest poet of all times. Such a Poet does exist! Yahweh, the Creator of the greatest star and the smallest cell, is also the Creator of Hebrew words, their meanings, their various arrangements and figures of speech. He is a lover of words, the master of meaning, expressing his very thoughts and ideas to us, the hearers.   Read Complete Article ** Article added 3/10/13 **

Christ is not 'The Creator'! - (Equipping the Saints to Defend Truths)
"Thus, saith El himself—YAHWEH,—Creator of the heavens, that stretched them forth, Out-spreader of earth, and the products thereof,—Giver of breath to the people thereon, And of ruah (spirit) to them who walk therein" (Is. 42:5). YAHWEH is 'The Creator' of all things! Christ Yahoshua is Yahweh's  only-begotten Son, whom Yahweh, his Father made LORD over all of his Creation, which Yahweh Created. The evidence, from the scriptures, concerning this truth is overwhelming, as you will see. We must ask ourselves, 'How could this simple truth, beginning in Genesis chapter one and ending in Revelation not be the foundation of the Christian Church'? The foundation of many believers is upon the misguided teaching that Christ, not Yahweh is 'The Creator'?  Read Complete Article ** Article added 2/28/13 **

The Baal of Today, Government
Many followers of Yahweh, in bygone ages, chose to bow down to Yahweh and another god, whose name was Baal (bah’- al). They might have concluded that if one God is good then two must be better. For many deceived and covetous good Christians, this is also true today. Many deceived and covetous good Christians bow down to Yahweh for their next life but for their present life they bow down to 'Government' (Baal) from whom they seek life's necessities, such as health, food, protection and pleasures. They would never personally call Government their, 'God,' (Baal) but when a need arises, who do they look to, to supply their need; who do they empower with their vote? Yahweh? Government? or Both? The prophet Elijah addressed this same problem when he spoke to the children of Israel by saying, "How long are ye limping on the two divided opinions? If, Yahweh, be El [GOD], follow, him, but, if, Baal, follow, him" (1 Kg. 18:21). The first commandment is, "Thou shalt not have other gods, besides me" (Ex. 20:3). Read Complete Article
** Article added 1/11/13 **

Unveiling the 'Self-Described' Atheist and Agnostic
There are neither atheists nor agnostics in this world but only those who refuse to bow their knees to the Creator and love their neighbors as themselves. All of mankind, excluding those who are children or mentally retarded, will be accountable for the way they lived their lives. Not one sound minded person will be able to say, 'I did not have enough evidence to believe that a Creator existed and that he demanded me to live righteously.' Yahweh rules out this argument in Romans 1:20, "For, the unseen things of him, from a world’s creation, by the things made [us], being perceived, are clearly seen, even his eternal power and divinity,—to the end they should be without excuse." Those who have heard of and had access to the Bible will be thrown into the Lake of Fire, which is the Second Death if they have refused to make Yahoshua their Lord. Those who did not have access to the Bible will be judged according to their works. Self-described atheists and agnostics only play a child's game by saying they do not believe, when they most assuredly do. Read Complete Article

Understanding the English and Greek New Testament in the Light of Yahweh's Language, which is 'Hebrew'
(Rotherham Emphasized Bible, Our Rosetta Stone)

We must realize that throughout our English Bibles there are thousands of linguistic errors, due to our fathers who came before us. We can choose to imitate our forefathers by carrying on their errors to the next generation or we can correct these linguistic errors so our children, a new generation, can walk in truths unknown to our forefathers.  The Creator, our Father whose name is Yahweh, has unveiled himself to us by his creation and by his written words. His words are Hebrew words, which require us to enter the Hebrew world in order that we may fully receive his revelation Read Complete Article

A Different Gospel - The Gospel of "God's Unconditional Love"
Typing in the words, 'Unconditional Love,' on the internet produces a very wide response, much of which comes from the New Age movement while a Christian perspective is only secondary. This should make us wonder which came first, the New Age teaching or the Christian teaching. This doctrine has spread like wildfire, through many good ministries, which is why it must be addressed.  We have been severely warned to stay away from the 'Different Gospels' that absolutely will be proclaimed. One of these new Gospels, which I believe is one of the most dangerous, is the new doctrine, for this age, called, 'God's Unconditional Love or Loving Unconditionally.' Why is it so dangerous? Read Complete Article

Oneness' The Christian Society"
Ephesians unveils the great sacred secret, which was hid from all generations until it was revealed to the apostles and prophets. The sacred secret, unveiled in chapter three is our oneness in Christ, who is our Head, we being his Body; Christ dwelling on the earth through the members of his Body. Ephesians chapter four unfolds the 'Christian Life,' the manifold wisdom of Yahweh. Verses four through thirteen of chapter four, which will be our main lesson, is essentially a parenthetical paragraph; verse seventeen resuming the thought of verse three, while verses four to sixteen explain in more detail verse three, which states, "Giving diligence to keep––the 'Oneness' of the spirit in the uniting–bond of peace." Read Complete Article

"The NIV Bible is a Paraphrase!"
The NIV Bible is the number one selling Bible in the United States. The owners of these Bibles must be informed that this translation is only a paraphrase of the Word of Yahweh and not a literal translation of the Hebrew and Greek text, as they could believe. It was designed to be well-pleasing to the eyes and ears of men, which it has accomplished. The NIV has it place for those who have difficulty in reading the English language, as did Howard Long, its originator but when it is taught as the literal Word of Yahweh, tremendous errors are the result. Read Complete Article

"The Consequences of having Itching Ears"
"Christ, through Paul, warned Timothy that "...there will be a season––when, the healthful teaching, they will not endure, but, according to their own covetings, will, unto themselves, heap up teachers, because they have an itching ear, And, from the truth, indeed, their ear, will they turn away, while, unto stories, they will turn themselves aside" (2 Ti. 4:3-4). Good people have a tendency to want to tweak what Yahweh has spoken, while the adversary dreams of eradicating it. These two unlikely beings form an unholy partnership, without the former realizing that such has been done. People write best selling books on what readers want the Bible to say, fulfilling their covetings. These good people do not realize that by tweaking Yahweh's words in order to create the world they wish to live in, they, as Dr. Frankenstein, have unknowingly created a monster." Read Complete Article

"Are You Enlightened or Offended when Scriptures Contradict Your Beliefs?"
"Are you enlightened or offended when:
-- the scripture says, "Yahweh, is my shepherd––I shall not want" (Ps. 23:1) rather than 'The Lord is my shepherd'? Yahweh is used 6,831 times in the Old Testament!
-- the scriptures say that the Messiah's name is Yahoshua (yeh-ho-shoo’- ah) and not Jesus? His name is identical to the prophet Joshua (Yahoshua) (Acts 7:45, Heb. 4:8). " Read Complete Article

"How we prove Christ was Resurrected"
"Why should people believe us when we tell them that Yahshua was raised from among the dead, never to die again and is sitting at the right hand of Yahweh, awaiting his return to rule his future earthly kingdom. What evidence do we have? Are people suppose to take our word for it? Is there a witness, living today who can testify to Christ's resurrection? Yes there is! The witness is the ruah (spirit) that abides within every believer. The Apostles, who were witnesses of Christ's resurrection are no longer alive to testify to this event but now it is our turn to witness to this extraordinary event that occurred thousands of years ago. We have living evidence that Christ was raised from among the dead and is ruling at Yahweh's right hand. " Read Complete Article

"Only, against Yahweh, do not 'Rebel' (Nu. 14:9)"
"Our beloved Creator demands total allegiance from his creations. Sin, the enemy of Yahweh, is constantly knocking at our door, inviting itself into our lives, attempting to acquire some or all of our allegiance for itself. Charles H. Spurgeon wrote, "Ah! now we dance with our sins, it is a merry life with us, we take their hands, and, sporting in the noontide sun, we dance, we dance, and live in joy. But then those sins shall bite us. The young lions we have stroked and played with shall bite; the young adder, the serpent, whose azure hues have well delighted us, shall bite, shall sting..." The meaning of sin is to miss or wander from the path of uprightness and honor, to do or go wrong. Sin, as an act of rebellion, rather than missing the mark, can have a domino effect, resulting in generations experiencing the repercussions; a derailing effect, whereby derailed generations, who do not even know or understand what originally derailed the main engine, suffer the consequences of another's sin of rebellion." Read Complete Article

"Yahweh's Emphases & New Translations"
""The Word of Yahweh may, in one respect, be compared to the earth. All things necessary for life and sustenance may be obtained by scratching the surface of the earth: but there are treasures of beauty and wealth to be obtained by digging deeper into it. So it is with the Word of Yahweh. All things necessary for life and godliness lie upon its surface but, beneath that surface are 'great spoils' which are found only by those who seek after them as for 'hidden treasures.' Yahweh has been pleased to give us the revelation of His mind and will in Hebrew words and in a lesser extent, Greek words. It is therefore absolutely necessary that we should understand not merely the meanings of the words themselves, but also the laws which govern their usage and combinations." Read Complete Article

"Samuel Clarke"
"Samuel Clarke, born 1672, was a brother in Christ who was friends of Isaac Newton, John Locke and William Whiston, all firm believers. He was a minister at St. James's, Westminster, which is in England. He wrote the book, 'The Scripture-Doctrine of the Trinity,' which could have ended his career in England because of the English Toleration Act of 1689, which forbid anyone from denying the Trinity. The introduction of this book lays a eloquent foundation on why the Scriptures alone are our only source of truth. It is a masterfull work, which is attached. I encourage you to read it." Read Complete Article

"Jacob (The Punching Bag of the Church)"
"No one has been slandered, by the Church, quite like the great patriarch, Jacob and his mother Rebekah. In many of our Bibles, the man-made heading above Genesis chapter twenty-seven states, "Jacob's deception." Commentaries revile Rebekah and Jacob for their deception of Isaac. The Church calls them 'deceivers,' but the mouth of Yahweh does not utter such a word. On the contrary, Yahweh says that he ahabs (loves) Jacob. Jacob is never reproved by Yahweh for deceiving Isaac neither does Jacob repent of his actions. Could it be that Rebekah and Jacob were doing Yahweh's will by deceiving Isaac? Could it be that the slanderer (devil (diabolos)), the accuser of the brethren has deceived the Church into slandering (accusing falsely) Yahweh's own, Jacob and Rebekah? I would say yes! It is time for the Church to repent of this slander; to learn to be silent when Yahweh is silent. " Read Complete Article

"Why are there Four Gospels?"
"There are four great records in Yahweh's Word telling of Christ's earthly life and ministry. These four  records are commonly known as the "Gospels” since they set forth the good news of Yahshua's life and work while he was on earth. The four are: the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Luke, and the Gospel of John. We do not know who wrote the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John but we know who the Author is. The traditions of men, not Yahweh, have given us the names and writers of these books. We must remember, when Yahweh is silent, we must also be silent. These books are the works of Yahweh and not the recollections of men. Enigmas and puzzles are found throughout these books which require our thoughtful study, meditation and examination. We must prayerfully and humbly petition the Author that he may open the eyes of our understanding to his amazing Word, which he has magnified above his Name. " Read Complete Article

"The Awakening"
"Our Father's Word is one massive treasure box, Hebrew and Greek words being the gems. The exploration for these gems begins once the box is opened. Many jewels are hidden or undiscovered because the Hebrew and Greek words are difficult to translate into an equivelant English word. The Greek word we will be discussing is 'egeiro' (eg-i’-ro). This word is an emerald because it is connected to our future hope; the hope of our resurrection from among the dead; our hope of awakening from our sleep. The deceiver has deceived many in the Church into believing that you go immediately to heaven, hell, paradise, limbo or purgatory when you die. " Read Complete Article

"Life Age-Abiding"
"Living a life, age-abidingly, with the Creator, in the New Jerusalem is the hope of every worshipper of Yahweh. Yahweh does not delight in the death of the lawless but would rather that all men choose life. The salvation from an age-abiding death is what we base our lives on. Confusion on how to receive a life that is age-abiding is universal because many pastors and teachers do not rightly dividing the Word of Truth, resulting in errors that are taught, leaving believers drifting from certainty to uncertainty on this most foundational truth. Is salvation from death received by works, election or grace? The Word of Yahweh, which gives us all we need for life and godliness, answers this question. In our present age, we can know of a certainty that we have received life age-abiding and we can also know with certainty that it will never be taken away. This statement is not true in the age to come, which is why rightly dividing the Word of Truth, according to the ages, is so absolutely imperative to sound doctrine. Our hope is life age-abiding. We need to be experts in this area of scripture in order that we may give an answer to every man who asks us the question, “How can I be saved?”" Read Complete Article

"Hybrid Faith’s* (Purifying our Beliefs)"
"Each of us must ask ourselves, ‘Are my beliefs founded upon the pure Words of Yahweh or is my faith a hybrid, a mixture of Yahweh’s Word with pagan religions and philosophies?’ A majority of us were reared with the belief that Christ arose from the dead on Easter. If this was you, you had or still have a hybrid faith; a faith that commingles Yahweh with the goddess Eostre, a goddess of fertility, which is why we have Easter bunnies and eggs. Hybrid faiths have come about “…while men were sleeping, their enemy came, and sowed over darnels, in among the wheat,––and away they went” (Mt. 13:25). Actually, throughout history, hybrid faiths are the norm rather than the exception. Our parents and pastors, who were our teachers, were our dupers because they were duped because their parents or teachers were deceived and this pattern continues going back as far as Eve and Adam. If you believe that you are not deceived in the things concerning Yahweh, then you are most probably deceived!" Read Complete Article

" 'God is Not in Control!' "
"Throughout time, people have always tried to understand why evil things happen to good people. The teaching that comes from seminaries claiming that, "God is in Control," has been a pitiful, human attempt to answer this question by blaming all evil upon a loving Heavenly Father, which is supposed to ‘some-how,’ make you feel better after a tragedy has occurred. "God is not in Control," as we shall see, thereby placing evil and wickedness on the responsible parties. When I say, "God is not in Control," it is not to say that Yahweh is not the Creator who is Good, Loving and Powerful but rather Yahweh’s creation, Man, who was created in the image of Elohim, has been given great responsibilities, authorities and powers. With mankind came sin and all of its consequences, which has been carried down through the generations. I believe the teaching that, ‘God is in Control,’ does not bring peace to a troubled soul as the Church hopes but rather anger and resentment against Yahweh. If a child dies a premature death and the Church says, ‘God is in Control,’ then one could say, "with a friend like God who needs an enemy." If a man had committed such evils that the Christian Church has attributed to their loving Creator, Yahweh, he would have righteously been put to death many times over according to the Law of Yahweh. If, ‘God is in Control,’ then he is an accessory to every crime that has ever been committed. The man-made doctrine that, ‘God is in Control,’ is blaspheme!" Read Complete Article

"Entertaining Angels Unaware"
"A popular UFO (unidentified flying objects) movie was, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." The story was based upon aliens contacting human beings. The science fiction term, 'close encounter,' means contact with alien life in some form, either by seeing an alien aircraft, which is called a 'first encounter,' up to observing an alien which is called a 'close encounter of the third kind.' 'Close encounter of the fifth kind' is communication with benevolent aliens, which will be our topic. This science fiction terminology will be useful for our study of the unseen world. Our contacts, for this study, will be with terestrial and celestial beings.  The majority of us have already entertained messengers (angels) unaware!" Read Complete Article

"It is Written."
"The very foundation of an orderly society is the written word. The United States Constitution is the bedrock upon which the U.S.A. lives. In like manner, the written Word of Yahweh is the solid rock upon which all order, justice and truth is derived. Anarchy and confusion result when the written Words of Yahweh are no longer our foundation. Our beliefs should always begin with the three words, 'It is Written.' If we can not do so, our beliefs are not part of the foundation of the Word of Yahweh but rather are like icebergs ever adrift on the seas of uncertainties. With no rock beneath our feet, we drift with the never-ending doctrines of men. Their visions and revelations steer our lives away from our Rock of Salvation. As messengers of light, these individuals actually become the blind leading the blind as we both fall into the ditch. Their apparently innocent, sincere, corrupting, revelations lead us away from the truth of Yahweh into the lies of the adversary. We then become their disciples, such as were Jews of the Pharisees and Sadducees. We become disciples of men; disciples of Jeroboam, Athanasius, Basil, the Pope, Luther, Joseph Smith or Joyce Meyers, rather than the disciples of Yahweh. We are adrift because our anchor is not the Word of Yahweh, as 'It is Written.'"
Read Complete Article

"The Corinthian Church All Over Again"
"The Corinthian Church was having its problems when the Apostle Paul wrote them his first letter. If Yahweh was going to write a letter to today's Christian Church, would the same problems that were addressed to the Corinthian believers apply to us? I am sorry to say, yes! We daily read the book of Corinthians but is this divine revelation falling on deaf ears or blind eyes? Do we not see that, in many cases, shocking as it may seem, we are daily practicing, unawarely, the very same sins that the Corinthians practiced. Many of the pastors of the Church, it appears, are blind to this truth."
Read Complete Article

"In the Beginning"
"Mankind (adam) are the only beings, in our seen world, that have the ability to ponder their own existence, the existence of their physical universe, the existence of the unseen, metaphysical (spiritual) universe and the reality of their own death. Not only do we ask the questions of how and why but we also seek Him who is the Creator, our Father, the giver of chay (khah'- ee = life) that is age-abiding; the giver of Paradise, of love, of joy, of peace, of everlasting bliss; the giver of a communion with one and all, which is sacred and pure. Our Creator answered our questions in the first three chapters of Genesis and the last three chapters of Revelation. These six chapters are the foundation upon which all are built, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the never ending end."
Read Complete Article

Ephesians - A Mine of Rubies, Emeralds & Diamonds
"The book of Ephesians is 'a' if not 'the' pinnacle of the Christian faith. To discover and understand these jewels of truth, we must mine below the surface, a labyrinth of tunnels that lay hundreds of feet below the opening, passages ever leading us on to open the eyes of our heart, enabling us to behold our glorious Creator, Yahweh Elohim of Host and His triumphal Son, Christ Yahshua. Ephesians is difficult to comprehend because of its sentence syntax. After the general introduction, the book begins with a 278 word sentence, Ephesians 1:3-14 and this is just the introduction to this glorious adventure. As spelunkers explore different levels of caverns, we also choose the depth we are willing to explore, expecting gems around every bend, hoping for a grand cavern filled with wonders beyond our greatest expectations. This journey is into the super sentences of Ephesians, of which there are many.  Understanding these devises of communication will allow us to behold and fulfill our vital purpose upon the earth, bringing glory unto our Father." Read Complete Article

"Unseen Universe"
"The microscope and telescope revealed, to mankind, a physical universe before unknown and unseen. Did these unknown worlds exist before we could see them? Why of course they did! Existence of anything is not conditioned upon what mankind sees and then believes nor on what mankind disbelieves because he cannot see it. There is another unseen universe, a nonphysical (spiritual) universe where holy beings dwell. There is also an unseen world where wicked beings abide. Although we cannot see this universe, it never-the-less exists. This universe, much like our seen universe, is comprised of rulers, kingdoms, life forms, habitats, warfare, prisons and so on and so on. Since it is unseen and not physical, we can only know of it, perceive it, experience it or see it with Yahweh's guidance; He, the Creator of this unseen world in which He lives, reveals to us its existence and attributes." Read Complete Article


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