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I am Yahweh

As it might appear premature, at the outset of this chapter, to spell out that Divine Name which some regard as not only incommunicable but unpronounceable, it will be con­siderate to begin the present investigations by the aid of circumlocution and abbreviation,  especially as no inconvenience will be occasioned thereby. The Tetragrammaton, or name of four letters (in allusion to the four letters Y H W H), is a technical term frequently employed by scholars, and will here, for a little, serve a useful purpose. Besides employing this term, we can reverently speak of "The Name," or can set down the first letter only, "Y," in the same way as critics are wont to use the Hebrew letter yod as the initial of the Divine Name intended. This understood, we can intelligibly proceed. Our very first sub-division will indicate the serious turn which this inquiry necessarily takes.
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I am Yahweh, that is My Name(PDF)
"YAHWEH is our Heavenly Father's personal name. Any Bible or English dictionary will confirm this statement. Our Father did not name Himself 'God' as He is so commonly referred to today. Then we must ask ourselves, "Why did people change His name from Yahweh to God or Lord instead of embracing His true name, Yahweh?" Mankind can address any worshipped deity, in any religion, as Lord or God, and be safe and correct. (George Harrison, of the Beatles, wrote a song called, "My Sweet Lord." It was for a pagan god.) ("One Nation Under God," is not necessarily referring to Yahweh, as we all know.) By using these names, 'Lord or God,' we will blend right into any religious society. "As indeed there are gods many and lords many." (I Cor. 8:5). The Creator of all things, whose heavens are His Throne and the earth His footstool, has called Himself, Yahweh, but the religious communities are not comfortable with His Name. Some will say, "Yahweh sounds too Jewish." Imagine that! Yahweh, Elohim of the Hebrews, has a Hebrew name! Let us seek to please Yahweh and not man. Let us be the servants of our Father and not the servants of men. Let us imitate David's heart and say, "Praise ye Yah, Praise, O my soul, Yahweh. I will praise Yahweh while I live" (Ps. 146:1,2)!"

Divine Names and Titles of our Creator(PDF)
"The Bible translators caused a mess when they translated instead of transliterated1 our Creator's and our Lord's Divine Hebrew Names and Titles. Our Creator has communicated Himself to us by way of Hebrew thought, written in Hebrew words. Psalms 12:6 states, "The words of Yahweh, are words, that are pure, silver refined in a crucible of earth, purified seven times!" These pure words are not English words but Hebrew words. When translating a Hebrew word into an English word our culture must have an equivalent. If we do not have an English equivalent, then we must transliterate the Hebrew word and explain to the readers the meaning of the Hebrew word. This was done with the Hebrew word, 'sabbath.' No other culture had an equivalent Hebrew custom, so the word was transliterated into Greek as, 'sabbaton' and into English as, 'sabbath' and the readers were given the definition of the Hebrew word. By transliterating, 'sabbath,' the pure word of Yahweh, was communicated in its fullness. Likewise the Hebrew Name and Titles of our Creator had no English or Greek equivalent but instead of transliterating the Hebrew words the Bible translators translated three of the Hebrew divine titles into one Greek and English word. The Greek word is, 'Theos,' and the English word is, 'God.' E. W. Bullinger wrote, "In our judgment, the Divine Name and Titles should have been preserved in their original forms in translating the Bible into any language. They should have been transferred (with explanations) instead of being translated. No one word in any language can ever explain all that is contained and implied in the Hebrew original." Listed in this article is only a partial definition of the Divine Hebrew Name and Titles of our wonderful Creator, Yahweh."

Show Us the Father!(PDF)
"Phillip longed to see the Father when he asked Yahshua to "show us the Father" (Jn. 14:8). This has also been the outcry of Yahweh's sheep. The question arises, "Has any human seen Yahweh?" The answer to this question is "Yes" and "No". First, we will deal with the "No" response."


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