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Doctrines of Men

A Short Argument, concerning the Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ
Thomas Emlyn (1663-1741).
Emlyn was born at Stamford, Lincolnshire and served as chaplain to the presbyterian Letitia, countess of Donegal, and then to Sir Robert Rich, , afterwards (1691) becoming colleague to Joseph Boyse, presbyterian minister in Dublin. From this office he was virtually dismissed on his own confession of unitariansim, and for publishing An Humble Inquiry into the Scripture Account of Jesus Christ (1702) was sentenced to a year's imprisonment for blasphemy and a fme of £1 000. More than two years later (thanks to the intervention of Boyse), he was released in 1705 on payment of £90.  Read Complete Article in PDF Format ** Article added 6/24/13 **

The Assassination of the Resurrection of the Dead
"It is a sad day when we have to reestablish such a fundamental doctrine of the Christian faith, as the Resurrection of the Dead. (Appendix A) The Apostle Paul had to reestablish this very same doctrine to the Corinthian believers in his first Epistle, which he did in chapter fifteen. I must commend our enemies, men and our adversary, on their outstanding achievement of corrupting the very foundation of Christianity. The resurrection of the dead has always been in the sights of the deceiver. (To "deceive implies the imposing of an idea or belief that contributes to a person's bewilderment or helplessness or makes him further the agent's end.") The deceiver, our adversary, had assassinated the teaching of the resurrection of the dead as early as the second century if not earlier. This assassination could not have happened without the pagan teaching that a human being is two parts; body and soul. Furthermore this teaching states that the soul is immortal and can live without the body, which is mortal. According to Greek theology, the body is a hindrance to the soul and is not needed in the afterlife, which is why the Greeks on Mars Hill laughed at Paul's teaching of the resurrection of the dead. Paul reprimanded those who taught this Greek theology including the Corinthian Church, "for some have, an ignorance of Yahweh: for shame, unto you, am I speaking" (I Cor. 15:34)! Peter's proclamation was, "announcing, in Yahshua, the Resurrection from among the dead" (Acts 4:2). Paul's proclamation was, "Yahshua and the Resurrection" (Acts 17:18). The Church proclamation today is, "The Death of our Body brings our souls to Yahshua and not the Resurrection of the Dead!" The, 'Hope of the Resurrection of the Dead,' is no longer the clarion call of the Body of the Christ. The call has been changed to the 'Hope of Death.' This false proclamation states that 'death reunites our immortal soul with Christ who is in Heaven.' Long life has now become our enemy because it keeps us from Heaven while death becomes our portal to Yahweh and Christ!" Read Complete PDF Article

The Apostles' Creed
"The Apostles' Creed and most Christian Church's statement of beliefs state, "I believe in the resurrection of 'the body'." The Word of Yahweh never makes this statement but does promise the, "resurrection of the dead." Men have replaced Yahweh's words, 'the dead,' with the words, 'the body.' Does death separate us from Yahweh as the Psalm1 says or does death unite us with Yahweh as is taught by most Christians? If death unites us with Yahweh, then death becomes our friend rather than our enemy as was written in I Corinthians 15:26. If we are united with Yahweh after death we must be disembodied spirits awaiting the resurrection of our bodies. The fingerprints of our adversary are all over these corruptions of our Father's magnificent Word of Life." Read Complete PDF Article

Constantinople Creed and Others

Feed the Children
"We see the pictures of a child in a poor country and our heart goes out to help. What do we do when there are so many children in need of help and I can only help a few? Our first priority should be to support Christian orphanages that teach Yahweh's Word. George Mueller was an excellent example of rearing children in the Christian Faith. Many of the 'Feed the Children' campaigns, which are so popular today, do not deal with orphans and they are not converting the children to Christianity. These organizations have the word 'Christian' in their name or mission statement but the teaching of Christ is not a requirement for the children. We are to rear our children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4)1. This is not an option! Our Father is very exact on where our money should go and what requirements go along with the money." Read Complete PDF Article

Forgiveness & Justice
"Yahweh delights in lovingkindness, justice, and righteousness. Our Father's Word has instructed us to practice the same virtues. Christians are instructed to forgive even as our Heavenly Father forgives. The question we must ask ourselves is, "Does Yahweh forgive an individual if the individual is not sorry nor does he repent of his sins? The answer is obviously no! A problem in our understanding occurs when we are told, in our English translations of the Bible, to forgive, whether or not the transgressor is sorry and whether or not they have restored the loss that was incurred by their actions. Our English word forgive has three or more different meanings. (Actually we should have three different words to convey the three different meanings listed in the article. Communication is obstructed or hindered when we do not have the vocabulary to communicate thoughts clearly or precisely.") Read Complete PDF Article

God the Father
"The phrase, 'God the Father' is never used in the Old Testament. 'God the Father' is used once in the New Testament even though the King James Version uses it thirteen times and the NIV uses it eighteen times. The only occurrence of the phrase 'God the Father' is used in I Corinthians 8:6. "But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him." Read Complete PDF Article

Hellenism in Christianity and the Church Fathers
"Hellenism is defined, as the adoption of the Greek language, thought and ideals. Christmas and Easter are just a few of the examples of the co-mingling of Christianity and Hellenism. December 25th was the celebration of the winter solstice and not the birth of the Christ, while the custom of Easter eggs come from the goddess of fertility. What other beliefs do we hold that come from the Greeks? The Greeks helped give Christianity the doctrine of theology, incarnation, which brings about the doctrine of the Trinity, logos, reincarnation, immortality of man, hades and the arrangement of our Old Testament Books. Many of the Church Fathers were Greek philosophers, who interwove Greek philosophy with the Word's of Yahweh thereby creating Christian philosophy. These are the same men who rose up a new brand of Christian Orthodoxy under the leadership of the Alexandrian fathers of the second and third century. Pagan religions commingling with the Word's of Yahweh is not unusual. Aaron made a molten calf and many Israelites had their high places and their groves while others worshiped Yahweh and Baal. Thus Hellenism is a part of Christianity." Read Complete PDF Article

Mortality and Immortality of Man
"There is no confusion concerning the mortality of man's body, but what about his so called soul and or spirit? Do the soul and or spirit cease to exist upon death of the body or are they immortal as religions state? Can the soul and or spirit be separated from the body as in an out of body experience? Our Father's Written Word and not experiences are the only source of truth concerning these subjects. Yahweh's Word promises the believer life, death, resurrection, judgment and then immortality, while the unbeliever is promised life, death, resurrection, judgment and then the second death. Death or mortality begins in Genesis chapter three and ends in Revelations chapter twenty. Only then is death or mortality destroyed and swallowed up in the victory of immortality." Read Complete PDF Article

The Hellenization of the Word of Yahweh
"Hellenization is defined as "the giving of a Greek character to anything." The Greek, Latin and English cultures have played major roles in corrupting our Father's Revelation to mankind and especially to His children. This Word, which Yahweh has magnified above His name, has been hellenizied, which results in the clouding of His revelation to us. The slanderer clouds the Word of Yahweh by adding to, deleting from and rearranging it with the assistance of men and women. Yahweh forbids such actions! "Ye shall not add unto the word which, I, am commanding you, neither shall ye take away therefrom,––that ye may keep the commandments of Yahweh your Elohim, which, I, am commanding you" (Deu. 4:2). Paul through revelation stated, "If anyone is announcing unto you a glad– message aside from that which ye accepted, accursed, let him be" (Gal. 1:9)! Paganism has been interwoven into our Father's Word as darnels in a wheat field and it is our duty to uproot and destroy the enemy's work in order that we may know the truth, which will set us free. The written Word of Yahweh is our only foundation. All doctrines must be tried by fire and if they do not agree with our Father's Word then they must be set aside". Read Complete PDF Article

What is a Martyr?
"A "martyr" is defined, according to the dictionary, as "a person who chooses to suffer or die rather than give up his faith." Most Christians would consider Stephen, a great man who served Yahweh (God) and His son Yahshua (Jesus), a martyr. He was stoned to death because he testified concerning Yahshua. The question is: "Does Yahweh want us to die or be murdered, in the line of duty, for Him? Will Yahweh lead us into a position that will kill us? If so, is Yahweh unable to deliver a saint from being murdered? Does it please Yahweh that we are killed in His service? Should we seek to die for the Lord?" We will take a look into the scriptures, which will determine the Father's will, concerning these questions, for our lives. We will handle the question concerning dying because of Yahshua but we will not handle the suffering aspect in this article." Read Complete PDF Article

What is Praise and what is Worship?
"Our Father and our Lord deserve and seek our praise. "For great is Yahweh, and worthy to be mightily praised" (Psalms 96:4). They also deserve and seek our worship. "Give to Yahweh, the glory of his Name, Bow down to Yahweh, in the adornment of holiness" (Psalms 29:2). Churches today have what are called 'Praise and Worship Services.' The phrase, 'Praise and Worship' is never used in our Fathers Word. The question is, "Can you have a 'Praise Service' without a 'Worship Service' or can you have a 'Worship Service' without a 'Praise Service?" Or are the words 'Praise' and 'Worship,' in Christian circles, synonymous? I believe Christians believe the latter, which is not true. Most Christians today have never been taught what it is to worship. They have been taught that a Church Service is a Worship Service. We will learn the differences between the meaning of praise and worship. Let us begin our search by examining the word 'praise' in the Old Testament Scriptures." Read Complete PDF Article

When did Paradise become Heaven?
"Philosophy and the religion of men have changed the Garden of Eden, which has always been on the earth, into heaven. Eve and Adam were made terrestrial (earthly) beings; beings of flesh. Mankind was given the earth. Ministering spirits (angels), cherubim's and zoons were made celestial (heavenly) beings; spirit beings. Mankind was designed to live in the Garden of Yahweh (Paradise) while spirits were designed to live in heaven. Mankind's destiny was not to dwell in heaven but upon the earth in the Garden of Yahweh, with our Father. Paradise has now come to mean heaven, as we see in the definitions above, and heaven has come to mean paradise. Our adversary and men have changed this foundational truth of Yahweh's Word into a lie, which blinds the minds of men." Read Complete PDF Article

False Brethren
"Father has warned us that there will be spiritual enemies who will dwell within our midst. Today these enemies will appear as Christians. These individuals may be the leaders of our Christian Institutions, Bible translators or the pastor of our Church. Their zealousness is revealed when they persecute others who teach Yahweh's Word, when it contradicts their religious dogma. These individuals are not deceived. Their purpose is to deceive the Body of the Christ. They are the darnels planted among the wheat; wolves in sheep clothing; false brethren stealthily clothed; the first false minister of light being the serpent in Genesis. These deceitful workers labeled the Son of Yahweh, a heretic, a cult leader or a worker of Satan. Their primary mission is to destroy the Words of Yahweh, thereby weakening the Body of the Christ. The Words of Yahweh are the nutrients in the blood that flows through the Body of the Christ; the truths that bring us life and freedom. The corruption or elimination of these nutrients brings death in part or in whole to the cells of the Body. The preservation or destruction of these nutrients define the battle lines of the ever-present war that has waged since the creation, between Yahweh and His servants, against the serpent and his servants." Read Complete PDF Article

Isaac Newton & the Trinity
"Isaac Newton was an English physicist, mathematician, astronomer, natural philosopher and alchemist, regarded by many as the greatest figure in the history of science. In optics, he invented the reflecting telescope and argued that light is composed of particles. In mathematics, Newton shares the credit with Gottfried Leibniz for the development of calculus. Newton's laws of motion and universal gravitation are taught in every physics classroom. He said, "Gravity explains the motions of the planets, but it cannot explain who set the planets in motion. Yahweh governs all things and knows all that is or can be done." His scientific fame notwithstanding, Newton's study of the Bible and of the early Church Fathers was among his greatest passions. One Church doctrine Newton would not accept was the doctrine of the Trinity. In England, denying the doctrine of the blessed Trinity was a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment." Read Complete PDF Article

Corruptions of Scripture, by Isaac Newton - 10.4 MB, expect longer then average download time
Actual copies of, "An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of the Scriptures: in a letter to a friend" by Sir Isaac Newton. London, 1841 Complete PDF - 10.4 MB, expect longer then average download time

On the Errors of the Trinity By Michael Servetus (A Spaniard of Aragon)
Written in 1531 and edited by Chuck Cunningham 2007. Jesus has been changed to Yahshua and God to Yahweh or Elohim. I recommend the reading of the article, "The Gospel of John is an Enigma" before reading this article. Read Complete PDF Article

Spirit and Soul (Recognizing Inherent flaws in our Bible Translations)
There are inherent flaws in our Bible translations. Most notably the translation of the Hebrew words, ruah and nephesh. These Hebrew words do not have an English equivalent. This should have necessitated the translators to transliterate these words but they selectively translated them as spirit and soul which perpetrates false doctrines, thereby leading the masses into pagan beliefs. The majority of Christians believe that they possess a spirit and or a soul and that these possessions are immortal. The usage of the Hebrew words ruah and nephesh, in the Word of Yahweh, do not agree with these beliefs. The error of the Church and the Bible translators is that they reconcile the Word of Yahweh to their established beliefs by selectively translating the same Hebrew and Greek words differently in order to support or validate their established beliefs rather than subjugating their beliefs to the Word of Yahweh. If we seek to understand life and the supernatural then we must humbly come to our Father's Word and let it speak to us, the language of which being Hebrew. Our Father has unveiled His creation to us through Hebrew words and thought. How these words are used in the Word of Yahweh, will communicate to us all that we are able to learn, thereby satisfying our quest for supernatural knowledge and understanding. We pray that the result will be that the eyes of our heart will be enlightened, that we may know––what is the hope of His calling and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us. We will focus our study predominately on the Hebrew word, 'ruah." The Hebrew word, 'nephesh,' has extensively been covered in the article by E. W. Bullinger, "The Rich Man and Lazarus." We will say a few words on the subject of nephesh. Read Complete PDF Article

The Creation of the Trinity & Other Doctrines
"The belief in the Trinity, the bedrock of the Church, is usually the second statement listed in each Churches 'Statement of Beliefs.' It is essential that we ask ourselves, "Is this doctrine founded upon the rock of Yahweh's Word or upon the sands of the doctrines of men?" As we are all aware, the word, 'Trinity' and the statements, 'God the Son' and 'God the Holy Spirit' do not appear anywhere in our Father's Word but rather are statements of men. Moses warned us, "Ye shall not add unto the word which, I, am commanding you, neither shall ye take away therefrom,––that ye may keep the commandments of Yahweh your Elohim, which, I, am commanding you" (De. 4:2). The Apostle Paul has also warned us twice that, "But, even if, we, or, a messenger out of heaven, announce a glad–message aside from that which we announced unto you, accursed [anathema], let him be!  As we have said before, even now, again, I say: If anyone is announcing unto you a glad–message aside from that which ye accepted, accursed [anathema], let him be" (Gal. 1:8-9)! The doctrine of the Trinity, as we will see, is not Yahweh's doctrine but rather a creation of men through their seven ecumenical councils. We have been warned by Yahweh, that those who teach the doctrines of men, such as the Trinity, will be anathema (accursed)."  Read Complete Article


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