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Spirit of Yahweh

Spirit and Soul (Recognizing Inherent flaws in our Bible Translations)
There are inherent flaws in our Bible translations. Most notably the translation of the Hebrew words, ruah and nephesh. These Hebrew words do not have an English equivalent. This should have necessitated the translators to transliterate these words but they selectively translated them as spirit and soul which perpetrates false doctrines, thereby leading the masses into pagan beliefs. The majority of Christians believe that they possess a spirit and or a soul and that these possessions are immortal. The usage of the Hebrew words ruah and nephesh, in the Word of Yahweh, do not agree with these beliefs. The error of the Church and the Bible translators is that they reconcile the Word of Yahweh to their established beliefs by selectively translating the same Hebrew and Greek words differently in order to support or validate their established beliefs rather than subjugating their beliefs to the Word of Yahweh. If we seek to understand life and the supernatural then we must humbly come to our Father's Word and let it speak to us, the language of which being Hebrew. Our Father has unveiled His creation to us through Hebrew words and thought. How these words are used in the Word of Yahweh, will communicate to us all that we are able to learn, thereby satisfying our quest for supernatural knowledge and understanding. We pray that the result will be that the eyes of our heart will be enlightened, that we may know––what is the hope of His calling and what the riches of the glory of His inheritance in us. We will focus our study predominately on the Hebrew word, 'ruah." The Hebrew word, 'nephesh,' has extensively been covered in the article by E. W. Bullinger, "The Rich Man and Lazarus." We will say a few words on the subject of nephesh. Read Complete PDF Article

Sanctuary of the Living God
"The Hebrews call the abiding presence of Yahweh, 'the Skekinah Glory.' The word, 'Skekinah' is not in Yahweh's Word but is taken from the Hebrew word, Nkv shakan shaw-kan', which means, 'to dwell.' "So shall they make for me a sanctuary,—and I will make my habitation [shakan] in their midst" (Ex. 25:8). The dwelling place of Yahweh is also from where He speaks. Yahweh has dwelt and spoken from the mountaintops and through the prophets. Today He abides and speaks through the Body of the Anointed One, the Christ. As children of Yahweh we have been given the free gift of holy spirit whereby we can manifest our Father through the nine manifestations of the spirit. We, as holy ones (saints), have been sanctified ( set apart) by our Lord and have been made members of His Body, which is the Sanctuary of Yahweh. With the Sanctuary of our Father come the terms: holiness, glory, spirit, the spoken Word of Yahweh, the cloud and fire." Read Complete PDF Article

'Spirit' and 'Holy' as used in the Greek Text, UBS 3rd
Complete verse list. Read Complete PDF Article

Spirit of Yahweh in the Old & New Testament
Complete verse list. Read Complete PDF Article

The Christian's Sixth Sense
Father has equipped mankind with five senses in order that they may survive and live a fruitful life. The five senses are the avenue for natural man, whereby they receive all information. The Christian has received an additional organ of perception, which is the gift of holy spirit. I will call this organ of perception (holy spirit), our sixth sense for educational purposes. The dictionary defines "sixth sense" as, "a power of perception which seems as strong as any of the five senses: intuition. Intuition is the immediate knowing of something; instantaneous apprehension without the conscious use of reasoning." The Christian has been enabled to receive true information from Yahweh by way of the spirit of Yahweh also known as holy spirit. The apprehension of spirit (which can not be seen, touched, heard, smelled or tasted) can best be understood when comparing it to our five senses." Read Complete PDF Article

Supernatural Deliverance Through The Spirit
"Father has empowered us with nine manifestation of the spirit. This is in order that the Body of Christ is fully equipped to impart supernatural deliverance to mankind, by way of this spirit. This is the same spirit we received when we were born again. The three manifestation of the spirit we are going to examine is faith, gifts of healings and the energizing of powers, but especially faith. We are going to look at three kinds of faith that I see in the Bible. I will call these natural faith, supernatural faith and revelation faith. Natural faith will be classified as, "performing natural actions and expecting natural results." For example, when I commit my body to sit in a chair I am exhibiting faith (trust) that the chair will hold me up and I will not go crashing down to the floor. Natural men exhibit this kind of faith, which is not supernatural." Read Complete PDF Article

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