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The Millennial and Eternal Kingdoms
The Bible indicates that there will be two kingdoms on earth in the future, one following the other. The first kingdom will last 1,000 years and is therefore referred to as the "Millennial Kingdom" (from mil one thousand, and annus, year). The second kingdom is referred to by the author as the "Everlasting Kingdom." In the Millennial Kingdom, Yehoshua Christ will rule as King after he fights and wins the battle of Armageddon at the close of the Tribulation (Rev. 19). The Everlasting Kingdom will begin after the close of the Millennial Kingdom when the Devil and his demons are destroyed and the Final Judgment has taken place (Rev. 21). The sequential order of these two kingdoms is apparent through a reading of Revelation 19-22. Following is a brief summary of the events recorded in these chapters. Read Complete Article

Messiah's Reign on the Earth
THE strange notions which men in general entertain respecting the kingdom of the Messiah must be traced to a neglect of the sacred Scriptures; for I do not find in them one passage to support the common opinion of the spiritual reign, but every where do I find the future manifestation of Christ as King declared in language which none can gainsay or resist, without doing the most awful violence to the sacred text. Read Complete Article

'Paradise' (Home Sweet Home) - (Paradise Series #1)
"Our hope is to live a life, age-abidingly, in a place where death will be no more, neither will there be tears or suffering or pain or loneliness; a place where there will be love, comfort, peace and joy; a place where we will labor, play and give of ourselves; a place where the one who is ruling is just, righteous and loving. This place is called the new earth and will be like the Garden of Yahweh ((Eden, See Appendix A) Paradise). Heaven will not be our future home, as is taught by many but rather we will labor, plant and play upon the new earth as did Adam and Eve in the Garden. The scriptures proclaim that the righteous and meek will inherit the earth, while the lawless will be cut off; “a new earth, according to his promise, are we expecting, wherein, righteousness, is to dwell” (2 Pe. 3:13).  Our home sweet home will be terrestrial and not celestial." Read Complete Article

'The New Earth as presented in Ezekiel and Revelation' - (Paradise Series #2)
"The books of Ezekiel and Revelation unveil stunning images of our future home in Christ's 1,000 year reign upon the new or restored earth. Wonderfully painted images of the glory of Yahweh filling the new Temple, where Christ is the Prince are presented in the book of Ezekiel. Yahweh's promise to Abraham and Sarah that their seed will inherit the land is now fulfilled. A river of living water proceeding from the temple is swarming with fish and giving life to the fruit trees, regenerating the Dead Sea. The dried bones of the house of Israel shall stand upon their feet because they have been given life by the ruah (spirit) of Yahweh. The desolate wilderness becomes the Garden of Yahweh. Zion, Yahweh's holy mount, is restored. The book of Ezekiel records the destruction and the restoration of the earth. This revelation gave hope to the house of Israel in a austere time. During Ezekiel's time, the nation of Israel, approximately 150 years before had been sold into slavery while the nation of Judah was now taken captive and moved to Babylon because of their rebellion against Yahweh. For the righteous Israelite, the new, coming earth was unveiled in the book of Ezekiel in order to give them hope that their labors will not be in vain but rather be rewarded beyond all of their expectations; hope that there will be a new day when, their land that was made desolate, will become like the Garden of Eden,––and, their cities that were waste and deserted and thrown down, will soon be fenced, and inhabited (Ez. 36:35). This New Earth will be ruled by the King of Kings, and inhabited by mortal men, the immortal members of Christ's Body and the righteous who have now been awakened (resurrected) to immortality; the resurrection of the righteous." Read Complete Article

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