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Marriage & Divorce

Husbands & Fathers that Fail & Why
"Yahweh placed the Christian husband and father as the head of the family for a purpose. We can speculate why but nevertheless it is his duty to lead his family in the ways of Yahweh. Why then do some good men disobey the commands of Yahweh in order to please their wives and/or children, relenting their leadership position to the wife or children? This article will address why those husbands and fathers act in such a manner and how we can prevent it from happening. Speculations will occur on some of the reasons why this occurs which are not intended to offend but are only mere speculations.  We will also unveil the serpent and his methods of deception because they play a major role in the failure of the husband and father. We must come to the realization that husband failure has existed since Adam and Eve. There must be some innate flaws that come with being a man and with being a woman, flaws our deceiver is very aware of."Read Complete Article

Divorce, Holiness & Remarriage
"Holiness is the foundation upon which life blossoms. Our Creator said, “…be holy, for, holy, am, I.” Holiness is not an option for our lives but a commandment. Christian marriage is a holy institution created by Yahweh. This union of two becoming one is accomplished when both of them choose to be holy by obeying Yahweh’s commandments. As we know, this is not always the case. It appears that 50% of Christian marriages, in the U.S.A., end in divorce, which tells us that at least half of these Christians have chosen an unclean lifestyle by not following Yahweh. Divorce is acceptable with Yahweh but remarrying becomes the issue. In life we are accountable for our wickedness but Yahweh does not hold us accountable for our spouse’s wickedness if we have warned and chastised them according to scripture. If our spouse has chosen a life of darkness, does their choice shackle us to them for the rest of our lives because we are married? Does the verse, “Therefore what Yahweh has joined together, let not man separate,” force me into a life of darkness because my spouse has chosen a life of darkness? We will answer these vital questions. This article will focus on a righteous Christian divorce, one that is acceptable with Yahweh; one that enables an innocent holy party to remarry again but only in the Lord. Also we will identify the individuals who caused the need for a divorce by their disobedience, their unholy behavior to Yahweh; the ones who are not well pleasing to Yahweh and are to remain unmarried after their divorce. " Read Complete Article

Martin Luther on Marriage & Divorce (From "A Compend of Luther's Theology," page 194-196)
"God has done marriage the honor of putting it into the Fourth Commandment, immediately after the honor due to Him, and com­mands, "Thou shalt honor father and mother." Show me an honor in heaven or on earth apart from the honor of God, that can equal this honor! Neither the secular nor the spiritual estate has been so highly honored. And if God had given utterance to nothing more than this Fourth Commandment with reference to married life, men ought to have learned quite well from this Commandment that in God's sight there is no higher office, estate, condition and work (next to the Gospel which concerns God Himself) than the estate of marriage. —"To the Knights of the Teutonic Order," Works of Martin Luther, Vol. III, pp. 423 f." Read Complete Article

Marriage & Divorce (Remedies with Righteousness & Justice)
"Christian marriages and divorces in the United States are deficient and suffering according to the Word of Yahweh. In most cases, they resemble the marriages and divorces of unbelievers. Christian marriages should not be performed by the unbeliever but by wise believers, who will adhere to our Father's Word. A marriage should require a detailed covenant, mutually agreed upon by both parties. Christian divorces should not be performed by the courts but by wise Christian men and women, who will be able to offer righteous and just counsel on these matters. A righteous and just divorce, performed by the Church, would bring healing to all parties that have been affected. This would remedy our present worldly wickedness performed by the courts today. As we will see, divorce is ordered by Yahweh to be performed by wise believers. The injustice performed on men by our courts in the case of divorce is causing men to cohabitate with women rather than to enter the institution of marriage. Christian marriage and divorce can be greatly improved if we follow our guiding Light, the Word of Life." Read Complete Article

Women, Wives and Yahweh
"There are a few difficult verses in Yahweh's Word that have been used to constrain Christian women, thereby restricting the performance of the Body of the Christ. Yahweh's will is that male and female build up the Church. Females, as a whole, in the natural world have been restrained by the males because they are physically stronger. This male domination hinders the mouth, hands and feet of Christ because half of the world's population is female. Yahweh does not look on the appearance of the outward man but on the heart from which flow the issues of life. Some women readily accept their lower class position thereby relieving themselves of certain undesirable responsibilities, while others have been taught that their position in the Church is the will of Yahweh as illustrated by a few verses. Other women, whose societies do not hinder them, have served Yahweh by believing Yahweh's Word and allowing Him to energize in them His fullness. These women do not walk in the ordinary but in the extraordinary, exercising their supernatural ability given to them by Yahweh. They are women of faith in whom Yahweh is well pleased." Read Complete PDF Article

Withholding Sexual Intimacy from a Spouse (A Sin of Omission)
Sexual intimacy in a marriage is not an option, as many spouses believe but a commandment from Yahweh. The marriage covenant relationship is weakened or broken and in many cases destroyed because a spouse, for one reason or another, elects out of sexual intimacy with their companion. Their reasons may be justified in their sight but will never be justified in the sight of Yahweh. Rather it is recorded as sin on their record. The union of becoming one flesh, as Yahweh designed marriage to be, is interrupted, discontinued or destroyed when sexual intimacy is denied or withheld. The danger of this sin of omission is that it is not recognized as a sin but simply a spousal choice. Read Complete Article
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