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Why Listen to the Spoken Words of Yahweh?

Mp3 players allow us to listen to the Words of Yahweh in our homes, while we walk, drive our cars, cook our food or while we shower. Children, spouses and others, who are near by are showered in the truth that set men free. Listening to the Living Words of the Creator, our Father brings with it faith; Faith or believing comes by hearing the spoken (rhema) Word of Yahweh.

The Greek word, ‘rhema,’ means “that which is or has been uttered by the living voice, thing spoken, word.” Yahshua told the slanderer, “…Not on bread alone, shall man live, but on every spoken word (rhema) coming forth through the mouth of Yahweh” (Mt. 4:4). All of us desire prosperity and success in our lives. Yahweh promised Yahshua (Joshua) prosperity and good success if he would do a simple task; “This scroll of the law must not cease out of thy mouth, but thou must talk to thyself therein, day and night, that thou mayest take heed to do according to all that is written therein,––for, then, shalt thou make thy way prosperous, and, then, shalt thou have good success” (Jos. 1:8). Listening to the spoken Word of Yahweh will double or triple our time spent in the Word of Life. These blessed holy Words being released into the air waves, as seeds blowing in the wind (ruah), will prosper those to whom it has been sent; “So, shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth, It shall not return unto me void,––But shall accomplish that which I please, And shall prosper in that whereunto I have sent it” (Is. 55:11).


Kidz Bible

KIDz Bible

The Kidz, Children's ESV Audio Bible is a special thought for thought translation of the most loved lesson teaching bible stories. This version is filled with songs and animated voice characterizations that provide a joyful listening experience for the young and the old. You are never too old to enjoy this Kidz version of the Bible.





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