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'World Vision Inc.'
Mute on Proclaiming Christ


PDF Version

In 2010, World Vision Inc. received $1,020,904,962 in contributions and grants (See Appendix A). This non-profit corporation (501 (c) 3) pursues donations from Christians by sponsoring Christian events, such as music festivals, women's events, etc.. World Vision counts 12,000 partner churches in the U.S. and receives the support from 3.1 million donors and partners in the U.S. It classifies itself as a Church but it's MISSION STATEMENT does not include proclaiming Christ. How can this be? A Church that does not speak of Christ? A Church that doesn't speak of God? What kind of Church is World Vision? This article is written to enlighten believers concerning, false or misguided, 'Christian' organizations, who distribute the resources, received from Christians, without qualifications, which in many cases, result in the enrichment of the very enemies of Yahweh; as Yahweh said to Jehoshaphat,  "...Unto the lawless, was it right to give help? and, on them who hate Yahweh, to bestow thy love" (2 Chron. 19:2)! This article examines, not what World Vision says concerning itself, but rather we will examine it's fruit, as instructed by our Lord, when he said, "For, every tree, by its own fruit, becometh known. For not, of thorns, do they gather figs, neither, of a bramble-bush, do they gather, a bunch of grapes" (Lk. 6:44).

Bending Under the Pressure
Why do Christian organizations, such as World Vision Inc., become mute on proclaiming the Gospel of Yahweh? Why do they, 'in the name of Jesus,' unconditionally give money away to the very enemies of Yahweh? This is an act of rebellion against the very God they supposedly serve. They do this in the same manner as did Nicodemus, who came to Yahoshua at night. John 12:42 gives the reason by stating, "Nevertheless, however, even from among the rulers, many believed on him; but, because of the Pharisees, they were not confessing him, lest, excommunicants from the synagogue, they should be made." The wrath of the world comes upon those who strictly obey the words of Yahweh.  John 7:7 declares, "The world cannot hate you (his brethren); but, me, it hateth, because, I, bear witness concerning it, that, the works thereof, are, wicked." Speaking the message of Christ is speaking truths that the works (sodomy, fornication, drunkenness, idolatry, etc.) of the world are wicked.

We must all chose one Master to serve.  Matthew 6:24 declares, "No one, unto two masters, can be in service; for either, the one, he will hate, and, the other, love, or, one, he will hold to, and, the other, despise: Ye cannot be in service, unto Yahweh, and, unto Riches." World Vision, by choosing to be mute on proclaiming Christ, has chosen to serve the world, 'in the name of Jesus.' The world does not hate those who are mute on the commandments of Yahweh. John 15:19 declares,  "If, of the world, ye had been, the world, of its own, had been fond; but, because, of the world, ye are not, on the contrary, I, chose you out of the world, therefore, the world, doth hate you." The world loves it's own, World Vision being one it's own, because it gives, without qualifications, to all, the bad and the good, in silence, the words of Christ being absent.

World Vision, a supposedly Christian Church, applauds President Obama, the very enemy of Yahweh; he who promotes sodomy (Same Sex Marriage), fornication, Islam etc. "World Vision officials say the organization does not proselytize, just that they decline to separate their work from their faith. "We do want to be witnesses to Jesus Christ by life, word, deed and sign," said Torrey Olsen, World Vision's Senior Director for Christian Engagement. That wouldn't be possible, he said, unless the organization's workers were Christians."  Proselyte means "One who has come over from one opinion, belief, creed, or party to another; a convert." Did Christ proselytize? Did his Apostles proselytize? Are we supposed to proselytize? How can you truly help someone in need without sharing Christ? What about offering them life that is age-abiding, that can only come through Christ? 

Mission Statement of Christian Organizations
The mission statement of World Vision, as should all Christian organizations, should be the same as the Churches below. The MISSION STATEMENT for the Southern Baptist Convention is, "As a convention of churches, our missional vision is to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person in the world and to make disciples of all the nations." The MISSION STATEMENT of the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America, is, "it is committed to the life-long process of developing the individual's personal relationship with God. Realizing the frailty and fallen nature of humanity, the Old Roman Catholic Church in North America proclaims the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Word, Sacrament and Service." The MISSION STATEMENT of the Evangelical Lutheran Church is "Proclaim God's saving Gospel of justification by grace for Christ's sake through faith alone, according to the apostolic witness in the Holy Scripture, preserving and transmitting the Gospel faithfully to future generations. Carry out Christ's Great Commission by reaching out to all people to bring them to faith in Christ and by doing all ministry with a global awareness consistent with the understanding of God as Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier of all."

We are called to be imitators of Christ. Christ came to proclaim the Good News of Yahweh. Matthew 4:23 declares, "And Yahoshua was going round throughout all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the glad-message of the kingdom,—and curing every disease, and every infirmity, among the people." Christ fed 4,000 Hebrews  (not Gentiles), who had listened to his message, after he had proclaimed the Good News of Yahweh for three days. And even then, he only fed people once and not continually; "Yahoshua answered them, and said—Verily, verily, I say unto you: Ye seek me, not because ye saw signs, but because ye did eat of the loaves and were filled. Be working, not for the food that perisheth, but for the food that endureth unto life age-abiding,—which, the Son of Man, unto you, will give; for upon, the same, hath the Father, even Yahweh, set his seal" (Jn. 6:26).

Muting the Messengers of Christ
World Vision has chosen to remain mute on proclaiming Christ. Romans 10:14-15 cries out the need for all to proclaim the glad tidings; "How, then, shall men call upon one in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in one of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear, without one to proclaim? And how shall they proclaim, except they be sent? Even as it is written—How beautiful the feet of them that bring glad tidings of good things!" The adversary attempts to silence the Word of Yahweh by silencing Yahweh's messengers. Over and over again, religious leaders would command those who were speaking the Words of Life to be silent. The rulers "...gave them (Peter & John) the sweeping charge,—not to be sounding aloud, nor even to be teaching, upon the name of Yahoshua" (Acts 4:18); "...calling unto them the Apostles, they, with beating, charged them not be speaking upon the name of Yahoshua; and let them go" (Acts 5:40). Stephen was stoned for speaking upon the name of Yahoshua. Paul was beaten many times because he spoke upon the name of Yahoshua. Many, so called, Christian organizations, such as World Vision, have chosen to be mute when it comes to speaking about Christ because this is the road of least resistance. The man born blind, of John chapter nine, chose not to be mute concerning Yahoshua, resulting in him being excommunicated from the Church for Christ. The up side of this story is that Yahoshua came and befriended him.

Being Friends with the World
Standing on a corner and giving $10 bills away 'in the name of Jesus' will attack millions of takers. They can use the money to purchase liquor, drugs, sex, Korans etc. and get back in line to receive another $10 bill. Standing in a Church and giving $10 away after preaching for 30 minutes on the Good News of Christ, will produce less participants. Even less participants will attend if you require them to receive counseling after the preaching and before they receive their $10. If we desire the 'Big Numbers,' at our meetings, we would chose the first scenario. If we desire to impact lives for Christ, we chose the last scenario. Giving money and merchandise away to the world unconditionally is always a great crowd pleaser. The World will applaud these efforts but Yahweh does not. James 4:4 states, "Adulteresses! Know ye not that, the friendship of the world, is, enmity to Yahweh? Whosoever, therefore, is minded to be, a friend, of the world, an enemy of Yahweh, doth constitute himself."  2 Corinthians 6:14-18 commands, "Be not getting diversely yoked with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness? Or what fellowship hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Beliar? Or what part hath a believer with an unbeliever? And what agreement hath a shrine of Yahweh with idols? For, we, are the shrine of a Yahweh, that liveth:—even as Yahweh hath said—will dwell in them, and walk, and will be their Elohim, and, they, shall be my people. Wherefore come ye forth out of their midst, and be separated,—saith Yahweh,—and, one impure, do not touch; and, I, will give you welcome, And will become your Father, and, ye, shall become my sons and daughters, saith Yahweh of Host." Christ through Paul commanded, "I wrote unto you in my letter—not to be mixing yourselves up with fornicators; — Not at all, meaning the fornicators of this world, or the covetous and extortioners, or idolaters,—else had ye been obliged, in that case, to go out of the world! But, now, I have written unto you not to be mixing yourselves up,—if anyone named a brother, be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or an extortioner, with such a one as this, not so much, as to be eating together,   For what have I to do to be judging them who are without? Do, ye, not judge, them who are within, Whereas, them who are without, Yahweh, judgeth? Remove ye the wicked man from among, yourselves" (1 Cor. 5:9-13). Giving money away to these kind's of people is in direct violation of this commandment.

Casting Crowns, a supposedly Christian music group, wrote a popular song titled, 'Jesus, Friend of Sinners.' This title sounds so good for the 'New Age Thinkers' but  this title did not come from our Father but from his adversaries, the Pharisees, who in the same sentence called him "a man, gluttonous and a wine-drinker." Maybe Casting Crowns should have named their song, 'Jesus, a man, Gluttonous and a Wine-Drinker?' The words in their song condemn Christians and befriend the 'world.' The world applauds this song!

Yahoshua sent his disciples into the Hebrew (not Gentile) villages, not to feed them food, but to feed them the words of Yahweh. If they did not receive the Gospel they were to leave, shaking the dust off of their feet. Yahoshua said, "And, whosoever shall neither welcome you, nor hear your words, as ye go forth outside that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet" (Mt. 10:14). Would World Vision do this? It was said of Paul, "But they, shaking off the dust of their feet against them, came into Iconium" (Acts 13:51).

We must always remember the lesson of Jehoshaphat, who was a follower of Yahweh. Although a righteous king, Jehoshaphat sought the affections of Ahab and Jezebel, who were both very religious, but both were also the enemy of Yahweh. Jehu, the prophet, gave him a message. The message was, "...Unto the lawless, was it right to give help? and, on them who hate Yahweh, to bestow thy love? For this cause, therefore, is there wrath against thee, from before Yahweh" (2 Chron. 19:2).

Feeding the Fatherless & Widows
Beginning with Abraham and Sarah, Yahweh's people were to be separate from the world. If a person was not circumcised, meaning that they would worship Yahweh by doing his commandments, they were to be cut off. Israelites separated themselves from the nations. They were commanded to take care of the Hebrew fatherless, the Hebrew widows and  the Hebrew sojourners and not the fatherless, widows and sojourners of the nations. If the nations became circumcised, they would be partakers of Yahweh's covenant and receive the blessings. Yahoshua also separated himself from the nations. There is only one recorded account of Yahoshua healing a Gentile, which is in Mark 7:25-27, which reads,   "but, straightway, a woman hearing about him, whose daughter had an impure spirit, she came and fell down at his feet. Now, the woman, was a Grecian, a Syrophoenician by race,—and she was requesting him that, the demon, he would cast forth out of her daughter. And he was saying to her—Suffer, the children, first, to be fed; for it is not seemly to take the bread of the children, and, unto the little dogs, to cast it."

Suffer, the Children, First to be Fed!
Our number one priority should be the family of Yahweh, those who have made Yahoshua their Lord. Galatians 6:10 commands us, "Hence, then, as we have opportunity, let us be working what is good, towards all,—but, especially, towards the family of the faith." If there is any resources left over after the believer's needs are met, then we can assist the unbelievers but only according to Yahweh's Word. Does Yahweh want you to feed a rapist; a robber; a pedophile? If they are rebelling against Yahweh and walking in unrighteousness, then we instruct them in the ways of righteousness, according to Yahweh's Word. If they refuse Yahweh's counsel, then we should not help them. For example, if a person refuses to quit spending his money on liquor, or drugs etc.; refuses to work, then why would we continue to give him money or food or shelter? Yahweh commands us,  "...that, if any will not work, neither let him eat" (2 Thes. 3:10)! We are commanded, "And be not joining in fellowship in the unfruitful works of darkness, but, rather, be even administering reproof" (Eph. 5:11). Is World Vision administering reproof?

Yahweh gives us the conditions for giving assistance to believing widows; "Widows, honour thou—who indeed are widows:— Howbeit, if, any widow, hath, children or grandchildren, let them be learning—first, unto their own house, to be shewing reverence, and, returns, to be making unto their progenitors; for, this, is acceptable before Yahweh; But, she who is indeed a widow, and is left alone, hath turned her hope towards Yahweh, and is giving attendance unto the supplications and the prayers, night and day,— Whereas, she that runneth riot, while living, is, dead: And, these things, be giving in charge, that, without reproach, they may be; If, however, anyone, for his own, and specially them of his household, taketh not forethought, his faith, hath he denied, and is worse, than one without faith! Let, a widow, be put on the list—having become, not less than sixty years old, one man’s, wife, In noble works, being well-attested;

-if she hath nourished children,
if she hath shewn hospitality,
 if, saints feet, she hath washed,
if, them who were in tribulation, she hath succoured,
if, in every good, work she hath followed on:
But, younger widows, decline thou; for, as soon as they wax wanton against the Christ, to marry, are they determined,— Having, as sentence,—that, their first faith, they have set at nought; At the same time, to be idlers, are they learning, going about from house to house; and, not only idlers, but, gossips, also, and, busybodies,—saying the things they ought not, I am minded, therefore, that, the younger ones, marry, bear children, be mistress of the house,—giving, no single occasion, unto the opposer, as a cause, of reviling; For, already, some have turned aside after Satan: If any, believing woman, hath widows, let her be giving them succour, and not suffer the assembly to be burdened,—that, them who are indeed widows, it may itself succour" (1 Tim. 5:3-16). Does this sound like unconditional love or is it conditional?

The word, 'if,' is used throughout this instruction. World Vision describes their mission as "Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God's unconditional love for all people." For more information on unconditional love, read the article, "A Different Gospel The Gospel of 'God's Unconditional Love.'"

Giving with Conditions Attached
In Wichita, Kansas, the Catholic Diocese of Wichita has opened a diner to serve meals to anyone who comes. This may sound loving but it is contrary to the Word of Yahweh. You do not feed those who will not work; those who commit criminal activities; those who refuse the message of Yahweh's Word. The Catholic Diocese is, in many cases, enabling sinful behavior, sinful lifestyles by feeding those who work unrighteousness.

What they should do is require every person to listen to a 30 minute teaching, from the Word of Yahweh, presented at the diner, before each meal. Attendance is mandatory in order to receive a meal! For those that are able, they should prepare and serve the meals and clean up afterwards. Each and everyone should be counseled in the ways of Yahweh. If they are an alcoholic, they must stop this wickedness. If they refuse employment, they should no longer be fed. If they are a criminal, they should give themselves over to the authorities. They can no longer smoke cigarettes because they can not afford them. Giving food does not deliver anyone but rather only makes people dependent; it enables them to continue their life of poverty. Christ is always the answer to all problems, without exception! Those who seek to do the will of Yahweh should be assisted and those who refuse should be denied assistance. This is Christ's will, according to the Word of Yahweh.    

'Feed the Children' Sounds Very Charitable
The phrase, 'Feed the Children,' touches our heart, but does not solve the problem. Placing these words on Google will produce thousands of websites; these are the 'magic' words! Phrases, such as, Feed the Unemployed, Feed the Drunk, Feed the Vagrant, Feed the Lazy, Feed the Criminal, Feed the Christ Hater, Feed the Moslem, Feed the Fornicator, Feed the Drug Lord do not work. In the majority of cases, the children, who are in need, are the children of these people, which is why they are in need. Their parents were not faithful to Yahweh, which is why they are in need of the necessities of life. Their only deliverance is through obeying the Word of Yahweh. Withholding these very words from these children, which is what World Vision does, is Child Abuse and not charity! Teaching the Word of Yahweh should always be a mandatory requirement for receiving assistance of any kind. If they refuse this counsel they should be refused service because they must not have much of a need. 
World Vision's Errs
World Vision classifies itself as a Christian humanitarian organization, which they are not but rather they are a  secular humanitarian organization run by misguided and deceived Christians. World Vision described its mission as, "assists the poor in major US cities and Appalachia. WV is an exempt organization under a group ruling with WV International. We are dedicated to working with children, families and, their communities world-wide to reach their full potential by helping tackle the causes of poverty and injustice. For more than 60 years, we have been joining with local people to help find lasting ways to improve the lives of  impoverished children and families. Motivated by our faith in Jeans Christ, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of Gods unconditional love for all people. World Vision serves all people, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender." The first thing that should catch our attention is that proclaiming the Gospel of Christ is not part of their mission statement; a Christian Church that doesn't proclaim Christ. A Christian Church they are not, in the same way that the majority of the YMCA's (Young Men's Christian Association) are also not a Christian organization even though they were originally founded as an organization to proclaim Christ. The majority of the YMCA's do not proclaim Christ, similar to the same the path World Vision has taken.

Christians, who give money to World Vision, need to know that their money funds over 250 institutions, the majority of the which do not proclaim any of the Gospel of Christ (See Appendix B). Some of them are Christian but the majority of the money goes to secular organizations, such as World Vision International. For example, World Vision, in 2010, gave $791,332 to Project Concern International whose mission is to prevent disease, improve community health and promote sustainable development worldwide. They gave $242,786 to Save the Children. Placing the word, 'Christ,' in their search engine on their website results in 0 results.  They gave $124,625 to Beyond Borders. Their mission statement is "Beyond Borders helps people build movements to liberate themselves from oppression and isolation.  In Haiti and the United States, we are bringing people together for just and lasting change." They gave $150,000 to Blue Mountain Community Foundation whose mission is to "Be a constructive catalyst in the local philanthropic community to identify problems and opportunities and to shape effective responses to them." They gave $753,388 to the Catholic Relief Services whose mission is "To Promote human development by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies; assist people on the basis of need, not creed, race or nationality."

World Vision Inc. gave $492,000,000,000 to World Vision International who states their mission as, "Our vision for every child, life in all its fullness, Our prayer for every heart, the will to make it so. We work toward a world where every child experiences life in all its fullness. Where they are protected, cared for and given the opportunities to become all God meant them to be. Where they grow strong in communities free of need and full of promise. Where families are valued, the environment preserved and the most vulnerable live in security and confidence. Where they become responsible citizens of well led nations. Where peace and justice reign and all have the right to contribute. Where they flourish in a world where the treasure of our hearts and the measure of our wealth is the happiness and wellbeing of all children." This vision can only come about when one becomes a Christian; when one is daily fed the words of Yahweh; when one practices the commandments of Yahweh. Then why doesn't World Vision proclaim the message of the Good News of Christ to every child?  Only they know.

World Vision proclaims that they "serve all people, regardless of religion." Does this sound like Jehoshaphat? They are redistributing money they have received from Christians to people whose religions teach them to attack Christians, such as Islam (See Appendix C). World Vision does not favor Christians as commanded in Galatians 6:10, which states, "... let us be working what is good, towards all,—but, especially, towards the family of the faith." Not only will they not proclaim Christ which enables people to receive life age-abiding but they are also assisting the very enemies of Christ, as did Jehoshaphat, by not putting qualifications upon their assistance.

World Vision lacks courage to proclaim the Good News of Christ, his resurrection and his Lordship. They present their Statement of Faith in private and not to the children they serve, which is, in my opinion, child abuse. World Vision can become pleasing in the eyes of Yahweh by putting qualifications upon any assistance they give, which I pray they will do in the future. All children and any other recipients of money should be required to daily read and listen to the Word of Yahweh. If they reject Yahweh, they should not receive assistance. If they supplicate to Allah, or to any other gods or governments, they can go to them for assistance. If World Vision decides to maintain their present position, they should proclaim to the world that they are not a Christian organization (A Church); not a proclaimer of Christ but rather a secular humanitarian organization, serving Muslims, who reject Yahweh's first commandment, as well as Christians, who obey the first commandment. They should proclaim to the 12,000 Churches who support them that they are not servants of Christ but rather servants of all men, whether righteous or unrighteous. They should proclaim to the 3.1 million partners that they have decided not to feed the children of the world, Christ; neither offer them Paradise.

(For footnotes, see PDF version)

(When quoting scriptures, from the Rotherham Emphasized Bible New Testament, I will substitute the Hebrew words Yahoshua (yeh-ho-shoo’- ah) for Jesus, Yahweh and Elohim for God and the LORD and ruah for pneuma (spirit).)











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