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The World's Best Study Bible

"Thy words were found, and I did eat them;

And thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of my heart" (Jer. 15:16)

The Companion Bible, by E.W. Bullinger, is the World's Best Study Bible on the words of Yahweh. "A revelation, in writing, is impossible apart from words; hence the importance of studying, not merely the Word as a whole, but the actual words in which it is given to us. When, of course, we speak of the 'words' it must be borne in mind that we mean Hebrew and Greek words[1]." The limitations of E.W. Bullinger writings are that he believed that the manifestation of spirit passed away with the old dispensation.[2]

Appendix: Bible Studies in the Companion Bible[3]

1.)              Why are there four gospels? See page 1304, 1306, 1381, 1428 and 1510.
2.)              How many times was our Lord tempted in the wilderness? See appendix 116, pg. 156
3.)              How many were crucified with our Lord? See appendix 164, pg. 187
4.)              How many times did Moses go up the mountain? See pg. 99 Ex. 19:3 notes.
5.)              What is the Mystery? If Satan would have known the mystery, he would not have crucified the Lord. 
ChristSee appendix 193, pg. 211
6.)              What is the significance of 40 days and 40 nights? See appendix 10, pg. 14
7.)              Was Jesus crucified on Friday?
ChristSee appendix 144, pg. 170; 148, pg. 172; and 165, pg. 188
8.)              The Giants of Gen. 6, and the Spirits in Prison. See appendix 25 & 194
9.)              Satan in Gen. 3. See appendix 19
Dinosaur's and the "World that then Was." See notes on Gen. 1 & 2 and II Peter 3:5,6
11.)         Seven Dispensations:  See appendix 195
12.)         Unity of the Four Gospels. See appendix 97
Time chart of events in the Bible. See appendix 50
14.)         Jesus Christ anointed: Prophet, Priest and King. See notes on Matt3:17
15.)         The Transfiguration. See appendix 149

[1] How to Enjoy the Bible, pg. 184
[2] E.W. Bullinger A Biography, pg. 194
[3] Young's Literal Translation of the Holy Bible compliment the Companion Bible

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